Get Free Airtel 4G SIM upgrade for existing & new users

In this article we will learn how to get Free Airtel 4G SIM upgrade for existing & new users.

In an event in 2015, India’s leading telecom operator Bharti Airtel announced the launch of Airtel 4G SIM cards along with their 4G services in 296 towns across India after testing the market in select cities with the promise of more coverage to come. An impressive television commercial was revealed during an event that claimed Airtel 4G to be the fastest ever.

As you know, Airtel is India’s largest telecom company and they launched their initial 4G services in the last quarter of 2012 in Kolkata. The launch is advertised to sport the customers across the country the ability to experience high-speed wireless broadband and go on to the digital super highway to enjoy international level HD video streaming, superfast uploading and downloading of movies, music and images. A  new webpage of Airtel 4G is also launched during the event to support users understand the basics & the offering of Airtel 4G services.

Free 4G upgrade from Airtel


Airtel 4G is incredibly fast and claims to be fastest in the country among all the internet providers. If you know, 4G network has 10-times more data-transfer speed than 3G & the 4G internet packs cost more than those of 3G.

But on Airtel 4G you will get the same data benefits as your 3G pack and will be able to enjoy superfast 4G speed at no extra cost compared to 3G services. In simple words, you are upgraded to a faster & more powerful network without paying any extra penny. Airtel 4G services are available everywhere – including mobile, dongles, 4G hotspots and home Wi-Fi.

Airtel’s 4G internet packs start from Rs. 25 and larger 4G packs have nearly the same price tags as 3G.  That means by choosing Airtel 4G over any 3G plans, you get ten-times better internet speed but pay nothing extra.  Also you can use your existing 3G data plans to browse on 4G network seamlessly.

Get your own free Airtel 4G SIM cards

Free Airtel 4G SIM Card

Airtel provides free 4G sim cards to customers with existing 3G or 2G connections. Prepaid customers can individually request a free 4G SIM card from the website. You will be sent a new 4G sim card at your doorstep that is of no commercial use. All you can do is to use this new SIM card to move your existing number from your old SIM card by sending a simple SMS. Postpaid customers will be provided free 4G upgrades at their doorstep.

Get a free Airtel 4G SIM