Here's how AdWords Management Services can grow your business

Going ahead and using Google Ads (also known as Google Adwords) to generate leads and awareness is a decision many businesses have made. AdWords campaigns, if done right, are a great way to bring in new leads to your website, and they can be set up almost immediately and to a budget that suits you.

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On the other hand, the digital marketing space is a competitive field, and getting AdWords campaigns configured so that they have the desired results is another matter entirely. Thinking you know your keywords and effective ad copy is one thing, but whether they are optimized for Google’s algorithm is another. 

Which companies should consider using AdWords management services?

The decision to use an agency for AdWords management is one that all business owners would benefit from taking. If your business does not have a specialist marketing person or team, the decision should be an easy one. Even if you do have a marketing team already, because AdWords is such a specialized skill, it is possible that your people will not be able to run them at first.

And if the alternative is that as business owner you are trying to run the campaigns yourself, then the decision to commission an agency really is one you should make. Finding the time and focus to setup AdWords alongside running your business means you are unlikely to be able to do it well. 

Why not just carry out AdWords management yourself?

Designing and creating AdWords campaign keywords and copy that convert require a number of things to be setup and configured just right. The identification of the right keywords on its own is something that should not be overlooked. Best practice is to have about 50 well-researched keywords in place for your campaign. 

Then you need to create your ads copy, and figure out the best location for your keywords in order to optimize them as much as possible.

Tweaking and monitoring the campaigns as you go is also important, and is something that should not be understated. For sure, the process is a technical one, and deciding whether you have the time to do it well alongside all your other business tasks is an important decision.

What you should expect to receive from a good AdWords management agency?

First and foremost, if you select a good agency they will help you create all of the above. They will work with you to understand your products and services, who you are targeting to buy them, and what you are hoping to achieve from your campaigns. 

Knowing the fiddly aspects such as keywords and ad copy are in good hands can have the massive benefit that you can continue managing your business. You will then just need to focus on the fun part of following up with the leads that you generate, and converting them into new customers. If setup and managed correctly, you will know that with Google Adwords, your business has an optimized presence on one of not the most important digital platforms there is.