Aakash iTutor Review for NEET Exam

In this Aakash iTutor review, I will cover all aspects of this popular educational platform. If you are thinking of taking admission in Aakash’s online course, iTutor, make sure you read this review until the end. I hope it will help you make an informed decision that will enable you to reach your goal.

Aakash iTutor Review

Aakash iTutor Review

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), which started in 2016, is now the only way to gain admission to medical colleges in India. There are over 16 lakh students appearing for the examination every year, competing for admission in about 80,000 MBBS seats in various government, semi-government, and private medical colleges.

Unfortunately, private medical colleges charge heavy fees that many students from economically weak families cannot afford. That makes the competition for government MBBS seats even worse.

As you might expect, the coaching industry for NEET is now bigger than ever. There are a large number of institutes and classes offering various courses for NEET.

All of them, despite being based around the same syllabus for NEET, have their own unique pros and cons. In the modern digital era, online coaching platforms have gained a lot of popularity as well.

Many prominent coaching institutes have introduced online programs apart from their regular classroom courses. One of the best examples of such programs is Aakash iTutor.

What is Aakash iTutor?

After being founded in 1988 in New Delhi, the Aakash Institute has become one of the biggest names in the field of premedical coaching. In 2012, it introduced the Aakash iTutor – an online educational platform that allows students to have access to Aakash’s quality study material via the internet.

The different features of Aakash iTutor

Aakash helps students prepare both for NEET and the CBSE class XI and XII board exams by covering the entire syllabus in physics, chemistry, and biology. The study material provided is informative and focuses on strengthening your concepts. It includes more than 200 eBooks, 1000 practice tests, and 1100 video lectures with over 500 hours of educational content recorded by Aakash’s experienced faculty.

This content can be accessed in both online and offline mode. You can even have it in the form of a preloaded tablet (Lenovo 10” tab) or plug-and-play SD card. You can interact with your teachers online and clear your doubts via the “Ask an Expert” section.

There are regular online tests, including chapter-wise tests and the All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS). Through Aakash Cloud Services, you can receive the questions and solutions of these tests online.

What are the advantages of using Aakash iTutor?

The Aakash iTutor‘s AIATS provides an excellent platform for you to assess the level of your preparation and areas for improvement. It is taken by thousands of students all across India, and thus gives you an honest look at your standing in the competition. Most importantly, it gives you an opportunity to study from the comfort of your home.

For students who live a long distance from the physical classroom, this saves a lot of money and time.

Aakash iTutor App Review

The Aakash iTutor app is supported on various devices like laptops, desktops, and smartphones. You do not even need an Internet connection at all times to access Aakash iTutor’s content. After downloading it on your device, you can use it in offline mode as well.

You can watch the video lectures in English or Hindi as often as you want, at whatever pace you are comfortable with. You will also not have to wait for the teacher to finish an entire topic.

If needed, you can skip through portions you already know, and focus more on your weak areas. Thus, you will be able to make sure that your concepts are made absolutely clear. This is also very helpful for students who are not able to take down notes fast enough in class.

Aakash iTutor allows you to pause or rewind the video anytime, to make sure that you do not miss any points.

With the help of video illustrations, you will find it much easier to understand many of the harder chapters. After every video lecture, you can practice assignments to make your concepts even stronger. You can get a clear idea of your progress by virtue of the regular practice tests offered on the app.

The disadvantages of Aakash iTutor

Everything has both ups and downs. The disadvantages of using Aakash iTutor are mostly the same things that you will encounter with all online courses.

For example, most students agree that the environment of an actual physical class – surrounded by active and competitive classmates – is very different from the experience of studying at home. Unless you are very focused and attentive, you will likely get bored soon. That is also because most of the teachers teach at a very slow pace in the video lectures. For students already familiar with the topics, this can be inconvenient.

In physical classrooms, teachers encourage, scold, and support students in a way that is not possible in online coaching.

All of it contributes to motivating a student in reaching their goal. Also, many teachers offer unofficial but useful tips and tricks in offline classes. In an online course, you will miss out on all of this. Similarly, physical classrooms allow you to clear doubts with your teacher simultaneously.

Online interaction with faculty is much slower, and you may have to hold your doubts for a long time, which is never good. Technical issues with your internet connection or device can also create problems at times.

What are the fees charged by Aakash iTutor?

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As of now, Aakash iTutor’s one-year plan costs about Rs. 48,499 for the online package and Rs. 49,999 for the SD card/chip package. Their two-year plan costs about Rs. 61,499 for the online package and Rs. 62,999 for the SD card/chip package.

Can Aakash students avail Aakash iTutor for free?

Yes, they can. However, there is a limit to the amount of time for which they can access video lectures. Once this time limit is reached, you will not be able to view the entire video lecture.

The Aakash iTutor is mostly aimed at providing a synopsis and highlights of the topic to students who have missed that lecture in a physical/online class.

Aakash institutes have computer labs where students can access these video lectures with permission. It is a good opportunity for such students to strengthen their concepts and weak areas.

Is the Aakash iTutor better than the classroom course, or vice versa?

This is a common question asked by a lot of students. Ultimately, it depends on your personal convenience and preferences.

However, I would still advise that you choose the classroom course over Aakash iTutor if you can. That is because an actual live classroom experience is ultimately much more rewarding than an online class.

Studying with a number of actively engaged classmates, watching them beat you at solving problems and answering the teacher’s questions, will help you develop a spirit of healthy competition that is hard to achieve during an online class.

Also, you will be able to interact directly with your teachers in offline classes and receive the full benefit of their guidance.

You also have the opportunity of observing the toppers in your class and take hints from them for self-improvement. Remember that competitive exams like NEET are not just about preparing the subjects properly.

You need to know well about time management, accuracy, and various tips and tricks for solving questions in the exam.

Unless you know them, your competitors will use them to get an advantage over you. Such things are not usually discussed in detail during video lectures.

That said, Aakash iTutor is surely an excellent resource for students in itself. If you are facing financial problems or are unable to attend physical classes for any reason, then you can join Aakash iTutor to ensure that your studies are not interrupted.

After all, traveling long distances to the institute and spending hours in the classroom can be stressful and tiring. By joining Aakash iTutor, you can save a lot of time and energy. It offers the same quality content that you will find in the classroom programs.

Students who strongly believe in self-study instead of regularly attending classes can consider joining this course.


At the end of the day, your own effort and self-study is what will help you reach your goal. You need to be constantly determined to give your best and face whatever lies in your path to success. As long as you have that motivation within yourself, Aakash iTutor is a wonderful guide that will surely lead you to success.

With its quality content, you do not need to spend money and time going through the countless books available on the market. Everything you need will be available on your mobile or computer whenever you need it.

Ensure that you make the best of the study material and attend the tests regularly. You will surely be rewarded with excellent results after that.