How successful is 3D Printing?

From Woodblock printing to digital printing – the printing industry has seen a continued development for centuries. When the first printing press started in the fifteenth century, who knew that we could even print another printing press from one. Continuous printing evolution paved way for 3D printing, one of the finest developments in the printing industry. You will be surprised to know that 3D printing technology came in 1984 prior to the emergence of digital printing – which came in 1993. But due to higher utilization rate among end consumers, digital printing grew more rapidly than 3D printing, as it stayed limited to industries.

In recent years, 3D printing has finally received the attention it deserves. Slowly, the society is realizing the advanced technology that 3D printers can bring to life. From an artless puppet to highly complex mathematical shapes – everything is possible and producible, thanks to 3D printers. Using a 3D printer like a Konica Minolta 3D printer, you can physically print several supported objects in three-dimensional shapes.  Examples of how far current technology has gone in terms of 3D printing is summarized below.

3d printed objects

3D Prints in Food

Modern 3D printing technologies can create food in any color, design and shape you want. However, there is still a lot to do in this sector, especially in bringing the technology to developing countries. One of the leading supporters of 3D printed foods is NASA, and they are expecting more development in 3D printed foods in the days to come.

3D Prints in Education

3D printed materials can be innovatively used to teach young children as well as older kids, where it can be used in high-level mathematics to explain complex shapes. From kindergarten to research schools, 3D printed objects can be used as an excellent educational tool for learning.

3D Prints in Medical

Medicine is the lifeline of humanity. Imagine one day, you will just press Ctrl-P and you’ll get your medicine printed. This is one of the many amazing possibilities a 3D printer could do. Not just that, customizing prescription medicine into a personalized prescription with some chemical components removed and others added. Indeed, 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the medical industry!

3 D Printer in Bangalore

3D Prints in Media & Advertising

3D printers can transform your favorite characters into life-sized printed reproductions. In addition, 3D printed banners/content will likely attract more attention than the ones printed in 2D printers.

3D Prints in Computing

If 3D printer is the mother, the computer’s operating system is the father of 3D printing. MS Windows support 3D printers in their latest Windows versions. It is forecasted that in the near future, all other operating systems will support 3D printing as well.

Moreover, 3D printing has also been extremely useful in engineering, surgery, transport, fashion, and even in warfare. From a hobbyist printing ordinary mugs to businesses printing super large machines – 3D printers have the ability to print them all.

The future is bright for 3D printing. This is just the beginning, as new technologies are being added to it, we will see more improved innovations in the near future.