Building a business from the ground up can be quite tasking. Having the right tools to go about it the right way is essential especially in the first few months when a person is aiming to get a firm foundation. In the digital age, you can all you need with these few apps to save time and money.


This app lets you sign documents digitally. Available as a Chrome extension, this app let’s you sign documents on the go. You will no longer be needing physical documents to get paperwork approved. With just a few clicks, one can add their signature and email on essential papers and send them right back. There’s also an app version for your smartphone so you can have things approved on the go as is the norm for small businesses.

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As an entrepreneur, one might know that they need social media but not entirely sure how to go about making the most of it. With Crowdfire, you’re able to post content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It has a trial period of 100 posts; during this time you’ll be able to know what content works best for your audience, what channels work and how often you should post. You can also use it to view tutorials like this one by

Crowdfire acts as a social media guide, same way a tutor English guide would, in letting you know what to look for and what exactly to do. You may get prompts letting you know when to repost an article or post. When done right, it drives traffic to websites and maximizes a startup’s exposure, which is crucial in the early days. Its user-friendly nature means that you don’t have to be intimidated by it especially if you’re new to social media.

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A connection is essential when you’re starting out. To encourage and bring about this dynamic, Shapr pairs you up with business and persons who best march what you do. The concept is much like Tinder. You’re able to swipe left or right on profiles that match job titles and businesses that align with what you do. The app also encourages offline meeting where you’re able to ask a person you’ve been paired up with for a session.

If you’re looking for other companies to collaborate with, then this is the app for you. You’re able to find the right person or business to give you an edge. With Shapr, you can just as well find your target audience and the right people to sell your product or company too.

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