• Preparing for color assault
  • Assault completed
  • Revenge of the blackens
  • Group Photo One
  • Group Photo 3
  • Group Photo 4 with me
  • At the End
  • Smile Please
  • Big Groupy
  • Bow Bow – Please LET me go
  • Color Assualt is on
  • Finishing Pals
  • For a pray
  • Group Photo 5
  • Invetible
  • lone photo one
  • lone photo two
  • Making black even darker
  • Harvested a Cap
  • Manoj Singh gets green
  • Selphies
  • wandering all around
  • what biker

Holi is the only festival my friend circle waits for. On this day we get together, share colors, jokes and thoughts. On this day, we gather at one decided place from all corners of India. This year’s Holi was another such astounding day – full of colors, fun, and what best, the friends. This time we did the regular yet relatively shorter tour of our village. Lacking the presence of Suryakantwe weren’t as joyed as earlier Holi. But still we managed to do better club-colorings.

With mobile phones in hand, when we finished the day – we had plenty of photographs. This Holi photo gallery displays some of the finest picture moments we had.

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