My personal mobile number 9565804301 is a prime number.

What is a prime number?

Any integer p greater than 1 is called a prime number if and only if its positive factors are 1 and the number p itself.
In other words, the natural numbers which are completely divisible by 1 and themselves only and have no other factors, are called prime numbers. ,,5 ,,11 ,13 ,17 19 ,23 ,29 

 etc. are prime numbers [or just Primes]. The numbers greater than 1, which are not prime are called Composite numbers.


Thanks, Ganesh for the tip. He tweeted:

His eight digit number couldn’t pass the ‘prime test’ as it had two prime factors but my ten digit number did. Exceptional luck!

You can also do the “prime test” for your own number. Mobile numbers in India are ten digits long and range between 7,000,000,000 to 9,999,999,999. Statistically, there are 2,999,999,999 mobile numbers possible out of which exactly 131,248,159 are prime numbers in this range. It makes the odds of a mobile number to be prime 4.375 to 100. In other words, about 4.4% mobile numbers in India are primes. Theoretically, it is quite possible if your own mobile number could be a prime number.

Is your mobile number the prime?

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  1. Mine too is prime!
    but sharing numbers is a security issue?? right
    can they be misused

    1. No security issues at all, for me at least. Being professional costs it.

  2. Nice one. I never wondered what else we can do with our Mobile number! I checked my number which is not a prime… You can say you are lucky if you get a prime number mobile SIM!!!

    • Nilesh

    1. Yes Nilesh. Not often you see a mobile number which is a prime number. I was lucky at some end.

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