Gorakhpur Gallery

  • University Main Gate
    This is how my university starts with. :p
  • Controller's Office in University
    Controller's Office in University
  • Gurukul Artwork
    Gurukul Artwork in my university
  • Gurukul
    A symbolic stone and painting artwork of Classical Gurkul System in India
  • Gurukul from Front
    Gurukul : Frontview
  • Brick Stoves
    Brick Stoves: Which nuts use to cook there foods. My university is large enough to have such odd things
  • Maharana Pratap Statue
    Maharana Pratap statue at Maharana Pratap Square
  • Gorakhpur Junction
    Gorakhpur Junction: A Little Closer
  • Gorakhpur Junction Panorama
    Gorakhpur Junction: Panoramic View
  • Train Train... Single Train
    A train: Moving on GKP Junction
  • Gorakhpur Railway Station Upview
    Gorakhpur Railway Station inside view that includes horizon
  • Random. Wait. You see the dogs
    A random image: you found something interesting?
  • Barebones
    The one in focus is a wood-barebone of temple for Durga Puja.
  • Evening Rickshaw
    That was dark when we returned home: The rickshaw man was waiting for a passenger

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