10 Most Dangerous Railroads in the World

It is so fun and enjoyable to travel through rail routes. Most people love to travel by rails instead of preferring to travel by car. Traveling by rail is a good experience along with watching the beauty of nature and different sceneries when you travel long distances.

Many people believe that it is safe to travel on rail routes, but sometimes train needs to pass the most dangerous railroads along their journey.

These railroads make some of the passengers feel fear but some of the passengers enjoy these types of rail routes. However, it may be so decisive to travel on such routes, which have many dangers, and anything can happen at any point in time.

Adding some more knowledge, I have noted down the top 10 list of World Dangerous railroads and read below, how they are dangerous and different from the normal railway routes.

Aso Minami route, Japan

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The most terrible railroads are in the area of Japan, which has the most active volcanoes, and you do not know when the mountain would erupt. The tourist prefers to come in early November when the forest near the train pass was burned by the hot magma activity due to the Aso Volcano. This makes it the most dangerous route in the world.

Georgetown Loop Railroad, Colorado

Georgetown Loop railroad. No smoke indicates i...
Georgetown Loop railroad

When the northwestern part of Colorado was filled with silver mines, steam trains were the only access. The most frightening thing is that it has to pass from the Devils Gate High Bridge, 100 feet tall and when it is passing on it, it will pass slowly as if it cannot hold the load.

Chennai-Rameshwaram Route, India

It is a 1.4-mile-long bridge and was made in 1914. To reach the Island of Rameshwaram on the southern coast of India you have to use a train that passes so dangerous and the scariest thing is this line passes through the sea with a dangerous whirlwind, which can easily take away the train from the track.

White Pass & Yukon Route, Alaska

This track has been perpetuated in the International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. It was built during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898. It is at a height of 3000 meters and 20 miles long, which makes it so dangerous during the travel.

Tren a las Nubes, Argentina

This track was completely built in 1948 after the approval for its construction in 1921. This track is built on the muddy ways that can slip or slant at any moment of time, which makes it so dangerous. You should try to feel the track with 21 tunnels, 13 bridges crossing over the road and many zigzag lines.

Outeniqua Choo- Tjoe Train, South Africa

This bridge stands over the Indian Ocean and has many curves across the sea and the edge of the mountain, which makes it dangerous to travel. Many tourists love to visit this place.

Agro Gede Train Railroad, Indonesia

The journey from Jakarta to Bandung with the greenish mountain, through the valley of the river and the most dangerous place to pass, is Cikurutug high bridge overlooking the expanse of green field that seems to claim and makes it the dangerous rail path in the world.

Kuranda Scenic Railway, Australia

Scenic means beautiful, but it also has the world’s most dangerous railroad. It passes through the waterfalls, which sometimes sprinkle water on the train, and it is across the Barron Gorge National Park.

Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway, United Kingdom

This fantastic railway started in 1887 and later became a fantastic piece of Victorian engineering. The rail connects Lynton with Lynmouth down by the sea. A rail is the same as the roller coaster of a line as it moves up and down and steps with 500-foot cliffs along the right way between the two Towns on the rugged coast of railway North Devon.

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, New Mexico

The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad was built in 1889 by the Denver & Rio Grande. They moved along the old railroad bed balancing on the wooden sleepers holding the narrow gauge track to pass along the narrow ledges of the mountain. Today, the C&TS is a narrow-gauge heritage railroad running between Chama, New Mexico and Antonito, Colorado. It runs over the 10015-foot Cumbres Pass, the highest point on a US passenger railway. In the year 1970 and the journey was made of a six-hour trip between the two towns.