Hi, thank you so much for stopping by on my about page.

My name is Gaurav Tiwari, and I am a blogger, marketer & developer from New Delhi, India. Code and content are the media through which I express myself, and I have converted these two into my passion & livelihood.

I design engaging products, create awesome content and build conversion-first tools for brands, businesses and bloggers. I currently work as team lead and CEO of Gatilab – an indie marketing agency focused on conversion and quality.

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My Profile

Full NameGaurav Tiwari

What am I doing?

  • I’m working on several freelance development and writing projects for my clients and the public.
  • I am creating some useful content for my audiences.
  • I’m looking to collaborate on any open source project that involves work in PHP/CSS/HTML5/JS.
  • I also offer product marketing services for existing online projects and businesses. See my services here
  • I read my mailbox daily. Email me at gaurav@gauravtiwari.org

About gauravtiwari.org

gauravtiwari.org is a personal blog and reference guide on important topics related to blogging, tech, education, SaaS, SEO, marketing etc. It has been in existence since 2008 under different names and URLs. The domain name gauravtiwari.org, however, was registered only in November 2011.

My Team

Most of the time, I work alone as I am fully stacked with code, content and creativity. But there are still some things that I cannot do. In that case, I use my team at Gatilab to help.

Questions People Ask

What was your first job as a journalist/blogger?

I reported as an NSS volunteer in pre-college.

What advice can you offer to aspiring bloggers?

Start taking risks in your writing. Be real, and don’t build a career on copied, cheap or fake content. Realism gets rewarded.

How did you start as a marketer?

Marketing has always been at my core. But it took a concrete shape way back in 2012. This was when I was trying to create a source of income by writing articles on different sites under pseudonyms. These things paid but not that much. I figured this was the time I took the gear into my hands.

Looking back, what was your hardest struggle when it came to delivering results?

I come from a village in India, not even a town. I lacked resources, aspirations and inspiration. Plus, English isn’t my first language which was a roadblock as well.

How did you get your first client back then, and what kind of service did you do for them?

I was writing for some blogs under pseudonyms. But I couldn’t call them clients. My first client, a real client, conversion was in 2012. It is a local company that wanted to get started in digital marketing and SEO. I somehow picked the project and delivered it that way before time. Slowly but continuously, new contacts kept coming and converting.

What do you find most rewarding about what you do?

Money. No matter what you say, money will always be the ultimate objective of any person on the planet. Luckily my money comes a bit easy now, and now I find growing savings most satisfying.

Aside from freelancing, how else can someone earn online, and what is your advice?

First, stay away from the self-proclaimed experts who guide you into a career that is good for nothing.

The world is digital now. Quite different than what it used to be two or three years ago.

So these experts know no more than you about this.

Start with basics, learn from authority resources and choose your own path to success.

  • Create a website and stick to it.
  • Build a portfolio and gain clients by showcasing your earlier works.
  • Once you are good in your main niche, you can try alternates like link building, affiliate marketing and lead generation.
  • Link building is currently the hottest thing in digital marketing.
  • Learn it, master it and see the magic.
What tools and software do you use to do your job?

I use WordPress, Notion, Sublime Text, Grammarly, and Google Docs to write, code, and manage things.

I take notes on my iPad using Notability and Apple Pencil.

I use Freepik, Canva, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator for design purposes.

See the complete set of tools that I use.

How do you prefer to be pitched on stories?

On emails. Email me at gaurav@gauravtiwari.org, and I am all ears.

What’s your favorite drink?

I am somehow addicted to caffeine. So it is Coca-Cola in Summers and Coffee all the time.

Aside from your own, what’s your favorite publication to read?

I love Backlinko, aHrefs blog and SEMrush blog.