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A Possible Proof of Collatz Conjecture

July 27, 2014/3/0/

Our reader Eswar Chellappa has sent his work on the solution of ‘3X+1′ problem, also called Collatz Conjecture. He had been working on the proof of Collatz Conjecture off and on for almost ten years. The Collatz Conjecture can be quoted as follow: Let $\phi : \mathbb{N} \to \mathbb{N}^+$ be a function defined  such that: $$\phi(x):= […]

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The Collatz Conjecture : Unsolved but Useless

February 26, 2011/2/0/

The Collatz Conjecture is one of the Unsolved problems in mathematics, specially in Number Theory. The Collatz Conjecture is also termed as 3n+1 conjecture, Ulam Conjecture, Kakutani’s Problem, Thwaites Conjecture, Hasse’s Algorithm, Syracuse Problem. Gaurav Tiwari Excellent Reader, Good Orator and Bad Writer. Talk about WordPress, PHP and Mathematics. I develop & design web applications […]

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