I am Gaurav Tiwari.

Indian. UX/UI Designer . Graphic Artist. Blogger and PHP developer.

Services Offered

Web Design

Web Design

I can design your dreams. Love beautiful website and blogs? Or, just want to have a robust platform for your business? I synthesize creativity and skills to give my clients the finest look ever possible. More details →

Content Writing

Content Writing

My team produces content about technical and educational topics. If you are looking for topic specific and search engine targeted articles for your web project, hire us.

Logo Designing & Branding

Logo Designing & Branding

A logo isn’t just another graphic or text item. It isn’t a product either. A logo is a motivation to your brand. It’s an inspiration for your team members and consumers. So, if you don’t have a perfect logo, your brand is imperfect. Learn more →

Web Development

Web Development

Internet couldn’t be a better place without web developers. I am a proud web developer mastering in certain section of PHP, Database and HTML5. If you are willing to hire a web developer at a very reasonable rate, I can be your first choice. I develop what you demand. More details→  



WordPress is my favorite tool to use for any website, whether as a blog or as a CMS or a fully functional webpage.  I can work with you on any level of your project that you may need support with. With a more than four years of experience, I have mastered the core techniques of WordPress. Features Installation of latest version of WordPress to use as a Blog or CMS Creation of a database for use by WordPress A premium theme from Elegant […]

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General Settings in W3 Total cache's Minify Tab

How to optimize speed of your WordPress site for free

Who doesn’t like a fast loading website/blog under his name? But to attain a beautiful yet fast loading webpage is one of the toughest tasks of web development. It costs great effort and money. You buy overpriced web-hosting plans hoping to get a speedy website, but still you feel something is wrong. Your website doesn’t load as fast it was expected. Slow page load ultimately results in loss of visits to your site and weakens your site’s SEO. Before you blame you host, […]

Windows Live Writer on Windows 8.1

How to Publish and Proofread? : Awesome Blogging tools for Windows

I am an experimental Windows user. I find, install and experiment several new applications on my Windows PC every week. Most of the applications and tools, I have installed are directly or indirectly about  desktop publishing. Some of them are aimed to help me with my study and some others are for web development . In addition to them, there are many other Windows applications which are intended to help me in publishing stuffs online. In this post I have listed […]

mobile number is prime number

My mobile number is a prime number

My personal mobile number 9565804301 is a prime number. What is a prime number? Any integer p greater than 1 is called a prime number if and only if its positive factors are 1 and the number p itself. In other words, the natural numbers which are completely divisible by 1 and themselves only and have no other factors, are called prime numbers. 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29… etc. are prime numbers [or just Primes]. The numbers greater than 1, which are not prime are called Composite numbers.   Thanks, Ganesh […]


Symmetry in Physical Laws

‘Symmetry’ has a special meaning in physics. A picture is said to be symmetrical if one side is somehow the same as the other side. Precisely, a thing is symmetrical if one can subject it to a certain operation and it appears exactly the same after the operation. For example, if we look at a base that is left and right symmetrical, then turn it 180° around the vertical axis it looks the same. Newton’s laws of motion do not […]

10 Most beautiful places to see before you die

Every person in the world like to enjoy and leads his/her life happily. There are many ways to enjoy, and the first among them will definitely will be a vacation or traveling to the world beautiful and historic places to admire the beauty of nature and get away from his daily routines. In this busy life it is not possible to visit most wonderful destinations frequently, so plan a vacation to this wonderful places with your family and friends once […]

10 Fun puzzles to enjoy today

1st April is a day of fun, humor and enjoyment. Even though, I have lot of fun puzzles on this blog, these ten are totally meant for today. Enjoy! PUZZLES 1. If you are in a dark room with a candle, a wood stove and a gas lamp. You only have one matchstick in the matchbox, so what do you light first? 2. If the question you answered before you answered the question you answered after you answered the question you answered […]

Yakov Sinoi Photo

Abel Prize for 2014 to Yakov Sinai

Mathematical Physicist Yakov Gregory Sinai, (b. 21st September 1935, 78 years old) has been awarded the prestigious Abel Prize for 2014 by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (NASL). The President of the NASL, Nils C. Stenseth, announced the winner of the 2014 Abel Prize at the Academy in Oslo on 26 March 2014. The Abel Prize recognizes contributions of extraordinary depth and influence to the mathematical sciences and has been awarded annually since 2003. It carries a cash award […]

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Blogging tools

I am an experimental Windows user. I find, install and experiment several new applications on my Windows 8.1 every week. Most of the applications and tools, I have installed are about blogging or desktop publishing. In this post I have listed my favorite blogging tools that I often use on my Windows laptop. This list is just a person’s choice and the order does not intend the superiority (or inferiority) of one tool to another. See the List!

Build Backlinks

In the language of SEO, a backlink to your site is an HTTP URL from any other site which points to one of your webpages. Backlinks help bloggers & webmasters meet more traffic, better search engine reputation and gain better algorithmic parameters like Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Moz Rank, Domain Authority & Page Authority. All your SEO strategies are waste until a large number of websites link to your site. There are two types of backlinks: (1) follow or do-follow backlinks (2) no-follow backlinks. Keep Reading!

Essential Steps of <span>Problem Solving</span>

Essential Steps of Problem Solving

Mathematics problems often require established procedures. To become a problem solver, one must know What, When and How to apply them. To identify procedures, you have to be familiar with the different problem situations. You must also be good in gathering information, extracting strategies and use them. But exercise is must for problem solving. Problem solving needs practice!! The more you practice, the better you become. Sometimes it may happen that you knew the formula for a problem, but as you haven't tried it earlier -- you failed to solve it by a minor margin. On the same topic, George Polya published "How to Solve It" in 1957. Many of his ideas that worked then, do still continue to work for us. The central ideas of Polya's books were to identify the clues and to learn when & how to use them into solution strategies.
By experience, one may work on her problem solving approach in four essential steps.


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