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Meet the Math Blogger : Josh Young from Mathematical Mischief

Every mathematics student is in his own a special case — having his own qualities and snags. A math blogger is even more special.  He is more than just a mathematician or just a blogger. A math blogger is an entertainer… a magician, who devises techniques of making math more readable and even more interesting. There are hundreds of such mathemagicians blogging about thoughtful and fun-aspects of mathematics. In this series of talks, called “Meet the Math Blogger“, I’ll be chasing and interviewing my favorite bloggers around the internet who write a little or more about mathematical sciences. We will learn about their learning, teaching & blogging lives.

In the very first issue of “Meet the math blogger”, we’ve found Josh Young : the founder editor of Mathematical Mischief blog. I have followed his blog since he started it. He is one of the few math bloggers who started their blogging career at the same age I did. Josh is very talented and has one of the best content-writing and presentation styles. Read More

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My mobile number is a prime number

My personal mobile number 9565804301 is a prime number. What is a prime number? Any integer p greater than 1 is called a prime number if and only if its positive factors are 1 and the number p itself. In other words, the natural numbers which are completely divisible… Continue reading