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Study MBA Abroad with SP Jain’s Tri-city GMBA courses

Innovative learning has always been the focus of the quality education.  In this value-based world economy, we require the best of minds to run the best of companies. Unlike the past, business professionals are no longer limited to a fixed cluster of roles & objectives. Their world is changing rapidly with companies competing companies for the best in results. Today the best of companies do not pay just for skills – they require international intelligence to understand the current global business scenario. Now this need of international intelligence was something that incited S P Jain School of Global Management to emerge with a world class MBA plan, which they term as Global MBA.

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5 Reasons Why WordPress theme Frameworks are Essential for your development projects
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5 Reasons Why WordPress Theme Frameworks are Essential for your Development Projects

A good WordPress framework is somewhat like a mythical tool of the trade for developers. While the professionals can harness its power to create awesome themes quickly, a lot of beginners are still baffled by what it is or how it works.

A few weeks ago I explained WordPress frameworks to my coding geek nephew and gave him a starter course. This post summarizes most of it: what frameworks do, how they do it, and why WordPress developers work with them.

What is a theme framework?

code-1243504WordPress theme frameworks are essentially a set of standards/functions that help us create something new. They usually come packed in a single folder and developers use them to create newer, more stylishly-dressed child themes.

They (may) include custom functions, custom-written and callbacks to native WordPress action/filter API, theme options page, dependencies on script libraries and functionality like jQuery (accordions, sliders…) etc. But when it comes right down to it, remember this:

Frameworks are basically feature-packed parent themes.

And as front-end developers who are often at a time crunch, we stand to gain a lot from them.

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20 Optimization Techniques For Strengthening The Speed Of Your Website

Web optimization is indispensable and a crucial aspect of enhancing the speed of a website although it is something that webmasters often overlook. Imagine the money and resources that you can save and how you can boost the speed of the website and eventually increase the traffic and readership for maximizing the benefits of a business. According to a survey, less than half of the online visitors leave those websites that take more than three to four seconds to load and it is more than a mere fact. Faster loading time not only helps in amplifying better ranking in the search engines but also increases your revenue. With every second that is wasted in loading a website, the conversion rate decreases to a great extent.

The following optimizing tips will help you enhance the speed of your website and you can expect a substantial increase in the profits as far as your business is concerned:

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How to & How not to run a blog?

Blogging is wonderful, adventurous, worth spending time & money for. But it is equally dangerous, mind-boggling and senseless, if not done properly. I am blogging for last seven years… and now I am all ready to give advice to those who have just started. This blog post is a summary of all my experiences on what I did wrong with my blogs and what did I learn from those mistakes. It is worth reading for all newbie bloggers, and to some extent, the intermediates and will help them to better run a blog.


I didn’t plan the way things went until 2013. Almost everyone does that. We start a blog first and then think how to move it forward. That, is probably the best way to think around any website. If I had any earlier plans for gauravtiwari.org, things could have been different. I feel that I had lost nearly $50k during the three years of 2010-2013 by not planning things – and not knowing internet marketing. I expect others won’t do the same mistake. If you are starting a new blog, then be sure to make a mind map and work along with that.

In your mind map, be sure to take care of the following points. I guarantee that these will be the greatest help in future.

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Vouchercodes.in- Helps you to Save Money in Your Online Shopping Needs

India is riding big on the e-commerce industry. From a dull non-tech nation to the hub of most sensational start-ups, India has finally figured the best use of INTERNET, which is about “selling happiness”. Everything you can expect is now available online to be sold, rent or tried. Successful e-commerce companies appear in no mood of stopping in the revenue. They are continuously playing with offers and exclusive deals. New products are being launched and the older ones are exchanged as well. E-commerce sites are applying all the efforts they can. There are more offers & deals being used by customers across the country than you’ll ever think of. But still Indians are way behind in online shopping to the developed countries, and even China. The main reason to that is the unawareness. In this plethora of deals and offers that e-commerce companies are offering – one finds extremely lost to find the best offers relevant to a product. Surprising deals get away after time by time and not a lot of people get profited by those. At this point of confusion, coupon collection websites and apps come great. By gathering & categorizing the offers & coupons, they do not just help spending lesser money from your pocket but also manage to save an insane amount of time while hunting down the deals.

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The ‘new’ largest known Prime Number

Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) group has reported an all new Mersenne Prime Number (a prime number of type $2^P-1$) which is, now officially the largest prime number ever discovered. This number is valued to a whopping $2^{74207281}-1$ and contains 22,338,618 digits. It is quoted as M747207281 and is almost 5 million digits longer than the previous record holding prime number M57885161.

It took non-stop calculations of an i7 computer for 31 days to prove the primality of the number. A press release about this discovery is available at GIMPS’ official website.

Source: www.bloeise.nl
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Link Bait as a Powerful Strategy to Skyrocket Your Positions in Search Engines

When webmasters and content marketers find out how effective link baiting is, the concept literally blows their mind. With link baits, you attract other webmasters to provide links to your site not because you ask them to, but because they want to. Thanks to this strategy, you can build top-level links on a large scale. You create a single piece of content, which is good enough for other sites to link to.

Every content developer wants to add authority to their piece by linking to other sources. You want to be one of those sources! There are a few strategies that will help you achieve such appeal!


Steps: How to Create Effective Link Baits


Create awesome content!

Think about online resources you are compelled to link to. They add more information to your own piece, and they make the article more trustworthy. These authoritative pages contain facts, statistics, and strong opinions that prove a point. You want to write that type of content.

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