Test your counting skills with Branifyd game for Android


Without basic operations of counting, like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, it is not possible to imagine math problems. Counting is the base of human life. A student, whether he’s a math major or not, must be good at counting numbers.  The counting ability builds from experience and is definitely a time taking process.

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Who is a successful blogger?

When an internet user turns into a blogger, his first aim is to earn some money and get popular. Earning money and being popular are two different things — but when a blogger pockets both, he becomes an icon… “a successful blogger“. He does not just only gain a huge fan following but also manages to attract several clients. But is it…

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Copyright Free images for your next blog post

Hand with scissors

This flickr photo album contains some of the most illustrative images, I ever uploaded on internet. The album has copyright free images, which means you can these graphics any way you like. They are growing rapidly and I expect the number of photos to cross 100 this week.

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Meet our dream logo!


Not even a year back, we were designless creatures. We used to steal graphics from Creative Commons sources. But once we understood how easy and great can be graphic designing for our business, everything changed. Now we have a dedicated graphic design team after May meeting . We are now working hard to take our work to a new height. We created new portfolio…

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Experience Ghost blogging platform on WordPress

Ghost on WordPress

Ghost or WordPress : Which is better? Ghost is a neat publishing focused blogging platform. Ghost allows you to write and publish your own blog, giving you the tools to make it easy and even fun to do. While WordPress works on a multi dimensional philosophy and not just limited to publishing. I was excited to try Ghost when it first…

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Introducing Writ : A free Responsive WordPress Theme for writers

Writ WordPress

Important An updated version of Writ has been submitted. It contains several improvements. Adventurous users can download the file using this link . Writ is a new & my first publicly available WordPress theme specially made for story writers, legal blogs and content based bloggers. You can download the latest version of this theme directly from WordPress.org.  About  Writ (noun: a piece or body of writing) is…

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I am not the Ghost Hunter.

The Yellow Latern

  i am mohan kattimani i lived navi-mumbai. sanpada yesterday i join in ppi course and i submitted in course fees 40,000 (21-8-2014)and my scan copy. i let he no when i started  in this course.i like work in grip team. i hope future we work in together ghost hunting. my cell no {redacted}. please sir when you have time…

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