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Three Children, Two Friends and One Mathematical Puzzle

September 25, 2011/4/0/

Two close friends, Robert and Thomas, met again after a gap of several years. Robert Said: I am now married and have three children. Thomas Said: That’s great! How old they are? Robert: Thomas! Guess it yourself with some clues provided by me. The product of the ages of my children is 36. Thomas: Hmm… […]

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Do you multiply this way!

August 31, 2011/5/0/

Before my college days I used to multiply this way. But as time passed, I learned new things. In a Hindi magazine named “Bhaskar Lakshya”, I read an article in which a columnist ( I can’t remember his name) suggested how to multiply in single line (row). That was a magic to me.  I found doing multiplications […]

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Just another way to Multiply

August 25, 2011/13/0/

Multiplication is probably the most important elementary operation in mathematics; even more important than usual addition. Every math-guy has its own style of multiplying numbers. But have you ever tried multiplicating by this way? Exercise: $ 88 \times 45$ =? Ans: as usual :- 3960 but I got this using a particular way: 88   […]

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How Genius You Are?

August 20, 2011/13/0/

Let have a Test: You need to make a calculation. Please do neither use a calculator nor a paper. Calculate everything “in your brain”. Take 1000 and add 40. Now, add another 1000. Now add 30. Now, add 1000 again. Add 20. And add 1000 again. And an additional 10.   So, You Got The […]

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A Problem On Several Triangles

August 13, 2011/0/0/

A triangle $ T $ is divided into smaller triangles such that any two of the smaller triangles either have no point in common, or have a vertex in common, or actually have an edge in common. Thus no two smaller triangles touch along part of an edge of them. For an illustration let me […]

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Two Interesting Math Problems

August 10, 2011/1/0/

Problem1: Smallest Autobiographical Number: A number with ten digits or less is called autobiographical if its first digit (from the left) indicates the number of zeros it contains,the second digit the number of ones, third digit number of twos and so on. Gaurav Tiwari Excellent Reader, Good Orator and Bad Writer. Talk about WordPress, PHP […]

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Chess Problems

August 1, 2011/0/0/

In how many ways can two queens, two rooks, one white bishop, one black bishop, and a knight be placed on a standard $ 8 \times 8$ chessboard so that every position on the board is under attack by at least one piece? Note: The color of a bishop refers to the color of the […]

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How many apples did each automattician eat?

July 22, 2011/6/0/

Four friends Matt, James, Ian and Barry, who all knew each other from being members of the Automattic, called Automatticians, sat around a table that had a dish with 11 apples in it. The chat was intense, and they ended up eating all the apples. Everybody had at least one apple, and everyone know that […]

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