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Excellent Reader, Good Orator and Bad Writer. Talk about WordPress, PHP and Mathematics. I develop & design web applications that are visually brilliant and mass-friendly. I can also design stunning graphics to support my web-apps & amazing logos to amaze people. I have worked with several companies & individuals to deliver satisfactory results.

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Think for your children’s career but Think Big!

There is no doubt how influential are Indian parents to their children’s career decision-making. They surely look for the best for their children, so that both theirs and the children’s dreams accomplish. Parents’ guidance is important and extremely required for every child. This tradition is based upon the experiences earned by the parents, especially their own education and non-education understandings. They know better than their child, the student, who has a lot to learn before he could do better.

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Blogging Tips & Tricks

The Evolution of Internet Shopping

Whether you are a business owner, web designer or a consumer, it is helpful to recognize the trends and innovations in internet shopping. As a business owner, online marketing has become a key way to reach customers and generate income. As a web designer or business consultant, you must give your clients the best tools to meet their marketing needs. And as a consumer, you can benefit by getting the best possible prices and most convenient shopping experience.


The first web page went online just a little over 25 years ago.  In one human generation, the world changed forever.  Certain key companies and innovations changed the way we shop and do business forever.

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Blogging Tips & TricksMoney Making

Ways to Make an Income From Blogging

Many people see blogging as something that people do for fun or as a hobby, but it can actually be a very profitable business idea. Earning a profit from blogging is becoming more and more popular, as people see the potential in starting a blog and using it to create a lifestyle in which they work from home and earn a decent income. Whether you already have a blog or have just started considering the idea of setting one up, there are plenty of different methods that you may want to consider that can get you started making money.

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The best 15+ WordPress Themes for Photographers

Everybody wants to be a photographer these days, but very few people actually think of ways to showcase their art online. Photography can not only be a means of self-expression, but also a moneymaker. WordPress themes for photographers are the best option for those who want both – to present their photographic masterpieces to the world as well as earn several extra bucks. Don’t waste time sorting out numerous WordPress templates on the Internet, since everything you need has been congregated in this very collection! The comprehensive WordPress functionality range will help to put the wildest photography projects into life, just select the right item that will fit the concept of your website.

Prime Photographer Portfolio WordPress Template 


Prime photographer portfolio is a great option for those searching for a photographer portfolio WordPress template! This exquisite photographer WordPress theme has a lot to offer: fully responsive design, Parallax Scrolling effect, stunning responsive Slider, Bootstrap and Cherry Framework are only a few key features. Have a try of its striking functionality via the live demo!

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Study MBA Abroad with SP Jain’s Tri-city GMBA courses

Innovative learning has always been the focus of the quality education.  In this value-based world economy, we require the best of minds to run the best of companies. Unlike the past, business professionals are no longer limited to a fixed cluster of roles & objectives. Their world is changing rapidly with companies competing companies for the best in results. Today the best of companies do not pay just for skills – they require international intelligence to understand the current global business scenario. Now this need of international intelligence was something that incited S P Jain School of Global Management to emerge with a world class MBA plan, which they term as Global MBA.

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Blogging Tips & Tricks

How to & How not to run a blog?

Blogging is wonderful, adventurous, worth spending time & money for. But it is equally dangerous, mind-boggling and senseless, if not done properly. I am blogging for last seven years… and now I am all ready to give advice to those who have just started. This blog post is a summary of all my experiences on what I did wrong with my blogs and what did I learn from those mistakes. It is worth reading for all newbie bloggers, and to some extent, the intermediates and will help them to better run a blog.


I didn’t plan the way things went until 2013. Almost everyone does that. We start a blog first and then think how to move it forward. That, is probably the best way to think around any website. If I had any earlier plans for, things could have been different. I feel that I had lost nearly $50k during the three years of 2010-2013 by not planning things – and not knowing internet marketing. I expect others won’t do the same mistake. If you are starting a new blog, then be sure to make a mind map and work along with that.

In your mind map, be sure to take care of the following points. I guarantee that these will be the greatest help in future.

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Internet MarketingReviews Helps you to Save Money in Your Online Shopping Needs

India is riding big on the e-commerce industry. From a dull non-tech nation to the hub of most sensational start-ups, India has finally figured the best use of INTERNET, which is about “selling happiness”. Everything you can expect is now available online to be sold, rent or tried. Successful e-commerce companies appear in no mood of stopping in the revenue. They are continuously playing with offers and exclusive deals. New products are being launched and the older ones are exchanged as well. E-commerce sites are applying all the efforts they can. There are more offers & deals being used by customers across the country than you’ll ever think of. But still Indians are way behind in online shopping to the developed countries, and even China. The main reason to that is the unawareness. In this plethora of deals and offers that e-commerce companies are offering – one finds extremely lost to find the best offers relevant to a product. Surprising deals get away after time by time and not a lot of people get profited by those. At this point of confusion, coupon collection websites and apps come great. By gathering & categorizing the offers & coupons, they do not just help spending lesser money from your pocket but also manage to save an insane amount of time while hunting down the deals.

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