Google PageRank Update- PR4- December 2013
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Google PageRank Updated – We became better

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Google PageRank (PR), the most popular base 10 website popularity algorithm, has received an unexpected update on this December 6 –exactly 10 months and 2 days after the last update was released. MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK has regained its PR4 rating, which was gone to PR1 after I upgraded the site-domain from subdomain to in November 2011. In last PR Update (February 4, 2013) the PageRank was 3 and I was expecting it to increase by one or two more in the update scheduled to be some-when in 2014. Even though, I don’t play with backlink strategies, this achievement is remarkable.


Here is how the Google PageRank of MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK increased or fell :

Date of CheckGoogle PageRank

In a graph:

Google PageRank Update- PR4- December 2013

Recent changes in the numbers are impressive and I am looking further to see MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK as a PR5 website. ;-)


  1. You are doing a great job in this website Gaurav! It shows in the metrics. I wish I can make blog like this. Also, I heard somewhere that this recent Google PR update was something like a rush / mistake update. Any thoughts on its authenticity?

    • I read the same on some sites and on twitter. Even Matt Cutts wasn’t aware about how the update was released. Whatever, this PR Update is truly authentic and is visible at Google Toolbar + other PR checking websites.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Neal Battaglia

    That’s good you got your PR back. Thanks for sharing what happened with the switch between the wordpress subdomain and the self hosted, that’s interesting.

  3. bharathi.b

    thanks for your valuable posting,it was very informative. i am working in Erp in Chennai.
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