WordPress.com Reader! Y U No Load Posts?

Although I am subscribed to exactly 481 blogs in WordPress.com reader, my subscriptions don’t load as they should do. WordPress.com reader is behaving really weird, as it doesn’t show Non-WordPress.com articles. The competitor, feedly , my favorite feed reader is playing its role really well. I’ve subscribed to 149 blog-feeds at feedly cloud and at average I get to read at-least 30 posts per hour. The average for WordPress.com reader is almost the same too, but that is a bad ratio … considering the number of subscriptions and type of blogs. After a month of regular use of Feedly,   I opened and pinned the WordPress.com Reader for more than two hours but couldn’t receive a single post from Non-WordPress.com blogs, except a single Mashable post. Meanwhile the magnificent feedly was full of those (articles from PCWorld, NeoWin, Verge, Mashable…) already.


Does anyone know how to make it work properly? Or, I can’t read non-WordPress.com posts with reader??


PS: The issue was resolved!

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