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Who is a successful blogger?

When an internet user turns into a blogger, his first aim is to earn some money and get popular. Earning money and being popular are two different things — but when a blogger pockets both, he becomes an icon… “a successful blogger“. He does not just only gain a huge fan following but also manages to attract several clients. But is it all? Do these things make you a successful blogger…?

No! Success is more than just grabbing money from your reader’s pocket only because you’re too good at that. Success is not about just taking but also giving.”

Says Abhijit Trivedi, a successful entrepreneur from Lucknow. He adds,

“Pirates & Thugs are both popular and high earners. But I don’t think this can be the true measure of being successful on internet. Many bloggers do the same, copying and blogging about [the] stuffs they steal and gaining huge fan-base plus cash”.

Well said Abhijit. Many of us will disagree with the comparison though. But he is correct at several points.

First, a blogger should be a giver. Money isn’t the only thing to give to the people, code & knowledge are something even more precious. If the blogger is a developer/designer , he can always giveaway free stuffs to his readers. If you use internet too much, you will know how premium developers also offer some free tools to make users trust him before they try their premium stuffs. Teaching is priceless, no doubt about that. Successful bloggers allow visitors to download e-books and other knowledge packs for free or in return of e-mail subscription.

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Copyright Free images for your next blog post

This flickr photo album contains some of the most illustrative images, I ever uploaded on internet. The album has copyright free images, which means you can these graphics any way you like. They are growing rapidly and I expect the number of photos to cross 100 this week. Till then here… Read more