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The disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

March 26, 2015/0/0/

If there’s one thing we’re probably all agreed on, it’s that when it comes to buying and goods and services, value for money is the top priority. From web hosting to wardrobes, digital downloads to doors and windows, when we set out to make a purchase, most of us look beyond the mere price as its […]

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How to fix your damaged pendrives & memory cards?

March 23, 2015/0/0/

Storage devices are certainly the most functional hardware tools. Every time you modify files on a pen drive or memory card, you’re figuratively forcing it to its demise. A storage device has a limit of total actions done on it. A MicroSD card can have around one to tens of thousands of delete actions. So, […]

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Best Hotel Management Colleges in India

March 21, 2015/0/0/

Hospitality is a very noble word. It’s been the substance of human civilization for thousands of years. Who knew this eternal humanity property will someday arise as a great timeless career? It hasn’t just become a good career option but is also the guide of living well. Hotel and Catering is now one of the largest industries […]

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Best Mass Communication Colleges in India

March 20, 2015/0/0/

Mass Media or Mass communication is a tool for transfer of information and ideas to the masses. Indian media is about two centuries old. Started with print, it has ultimately evolved and involved into new dimensions. From newspaper journalism to TV anchoring, media were and will always be, very important to democratic India. This one […]

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Affordable Smartphones – What to look for?

March 19, 2015/0/0/

World sees India as an emergent smartphone market with fabulous corporate chances. This may be the reason why Asus, Huawei, Motorola, Lenovo and Xiaomi like companies are aggressively focusing Indian mobile market. On the other hand, Indian companies like Micromax & Karbonn are exponentially increasing their share in Indian mobile market by selling cheap devices […]

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Be Smarter and Nicer by Reading Literature

March 17, 2015/1/0/

There has recently been speculation that reading has no discernible benefit to the human mind. This challenges the conventional thinking that reading makes us smarter. However, evidence shows that reading does have a positive effect on our brains. Not only does it make us smarter it can also make us nicer people. Fiction books make […]

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How to Start Internet Marketing with a single website?

March 16, 2015/1/0/

Who doesn’t want to earn money? Who won’t especially if the money comes sitting next to your laptop or computer? Online Money making is a sweet addiction that gets hold of every e-user sooner or later. This money-making process is somewhat very challenging in the beginning but once you start to figure out the what-to and what-not-to’s, […]

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Best Commerce Colleges in India

March 15, 2015/1/0/

Recently commerce & economics courses have seen rapid growths in numbers of both the students and colleges. With more than a hundred types of courses and thousands of colleges, B. COM. and M. COM. may show promising careers. But you must be alert and aware about the commerce college and course you’re going to choose […]

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