I am Gaurav Tiwari.

UX/UI Designer . Graphic Artist. Blogger and PHP developer.

Services Offered

Web Design

Web Design

Your imagination, our design. We all love beautiful website and blogs. With our awesome creativity and sufficient knowledge of designing, we give our clients the finest look ever possible. More details →

Content Writing

Content Writing

My team produces content about technical and educational topics. If you are looking for topic specific and search engine targeted articles for your web project, hire us.

Logo Designing & Branding

Logo Designing & Branding

A logo isn’t just another graphic or text item. It isn’t a product either. A logo is a motivation to your brand. It’s an inspiration for your team members and consumers. So, if you don’t have a perfect logo, your brand is imperfect. Learn more →

Web Development

Web Development

Internet couldn’t be a better place without web developers. I am a proud web developer mastering in certain section of PHP, Database and HTML5. If you are willing to hire a web developer at a very reasonable rate, I can be your first choice. I develop what you demand. More details→  

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Who is a successful blogger?

When an internet user turns into a blogger, his first aim is to earn some money and get popular. Earning money and being popular are two different things — but when a blogger pockets both, he becomes an icon… “a successful blogger“. He does not just only gain a huge fan following but also manages to attract several clients. But is it all? Do these things make you a successful blogger…? “No! Success is more than just grabbing money from your reader’s […]


Get countless Backlinks with Gravatar Profiles

Gravatar.com is a Page Rank 8 and DA 94 website which enables users to have online profiles using custom Avatars. Gravatar is an acronym of Globally Recognized Avatar. Here you create your profile once and become an internet identity forever. Gravatars are used as user-profiles on all WordPress.com and nearly 90% of WordPress blogs. This means, as a blogger, it’s highly recommended to have a stunning gravatar profile. Here is my Gravatar profile:     Gravatar can drive huge amount of traffic via comments. Plus on profile pages, it allows to […]

intergalactic wordpress theme

Amazing free WordPress themes for Writers and Poets

This is a growing list of free and creative WordPress themes for storytellers and poets. All made with content in focus and clutter free experience, are responsive and full featured. Most of these are one column, mobile friendly and support fly-out menus, excellent typography and post-formats. Let’s have a look on them. ↓ Intergalactic WordPress Theme Intergalactic is a visually brilliant content focused WordPress theme with one column layout and a slide-out menu. Beautifully decorated with featured images, this theme is perfect for story […]

Blogging Tools for Windows

Make or Break the Web Design?

If you are an entrepreneur in this age and day, it is most likely that you have an online platform. In fact, websites today are perfect for anyone who wants to reach a wide audience from entertainers, public figures and organizations of different kinds. However, your website’s success is only as good as the web design and this is where most businesses fail. Web design is not just a matter of creating a beautiful website but one that helps you […]

writing is future

How to write better comments?

There are more articles about how to write great blog posts than the same on commenting etiquette. Here I have tried to summarize all my blogging and social commenting experiences as a single blog post. In a four years long blogging life, there were several events when my comments were taken positively & produced great discussion environments. I have also faced those nasty moments when my words were criticized and harassment took place. It may happen to any of you, […]


Test your counting skills with Branifyd game for Android

Without basic operations of counting, like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, it is not possible to imagine math problems. Counting is the base of human life. A student, whether he’s a math major or not, must be good at counting numbers.  The counting ability builds from experience and is definitely a time taking process.  Larger you have given time on counting, better you become. This is why some students have better counting skills than other and this is also, why […]

Hand with scissors

Copyright Free images for your next blog post

This flickr photo album contains some of the most illustrative images, I ever uploaded on internet. The album has copyright free images, which means you can these graphics any way you like. They are growing rapidly and I expect the number of photos to cross 100 this week. Till then here are some of them just to showcase: These images are completely free. Use them in any way you like and they won’t cost even a single cent.

Ghost on WordPress

Experience Ghost blogging platform on WordPress

Ghost or WordPress : Which is better? Ghost is a neat publishing focused blogging platform. Ghost allows you to write and publish your own blog, giving you the tools to make it easy and even fun to do. While WordPress works on a multi dimensional philosophy and not just limited to publishing. I was excited to try Ghost when it first released. I thought that it would be a little more nice than WordPress. But definitely, it didn’t come that strong. […]

Writ WordPress

Introducing Writ : A free Responsive WordPress Theme for writers

Writ is a new & my first publicly available WordPress theme specially made for story writers, legal blogs and content based bloggers. You can download the latest version of this theme directly from Github by following this link.  About  Writ (noun: a piece or body of writing) is based on _s theme framework by Automattic and is aimed to be completely content focused with four optional sidebars, three in footer and one on right of the content area. It features the new WordPress post formats, featured […]

The Yellow Latern

I am not the Ghost Hunter.

  i am mohan kattimani i lived navi-mumbai. sanpada yesterday i join in ppi course and i submitted in course fees 40,000 (21-8-2014)and my scan copy. i let he no when i started  in this course.i like work in grip team. i hope future we work in together ghost hunting. my cell no {redacted}. please sir when you have time reply me. – via my Contact Page . Tough to understand what he really wants to say, but if you google the red […]

Color splashed Diary

This Prime Generating Product generates successive prime factors

Any integer greater than 1 is called a prime number if and only if its positive factors are 1 and the number p itself. The basic ideology involved in this post is flawed and the post has now been moved to Archives. – The Editor Prime Generating Formulas We all know how hard it is to predict a formula for prime numbers! They have extremely uncertain pattern at various number ranges. Some prime numbers may have difference of hundreds, while few others are as […]

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Blogging tools

I am an experimental Windows user. I find, install and experiment several new applications on my Windows 8.1 every week. Most of the applications and tools, I have installed are about blogging or desktop publishing. In this post I have listed my favorite blogging tools that I often use on my Windows laptop. This list is just a person’s choice and the order does not intend the superiority (or inferiority) of one tool to another. See the List!

Build Backlinks

In the language of SEO, a backlink to your site is an HTTP URL from any other site which points to one of your webpages. Backlinks help bloggers & webmasters meet more traffic, better search engine reputation and gain better algorithmic parameters like Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Moz Rank, Domain Authority & Page Authority. All your SEO strategies are waste until a large number of websites link to your site. There are two types of backlinks: (1) follow or do-follow backlinks (2) no-follow backlinks. Keep Reading!

Essential Steps of <span>Problem Solving</span>

Essential Steps of Problem Solving

Mathematics problems often require established procedures. To become a problem solver, one must know What, When and How to apply them. To identify procedures, you have to be familiar with the different problem situations. You must also be good in gathering information, extracting strategies and use them. But exercise is must for problem solving. Problem solving needs practice!! The more you practice, the better you become. Sometimes it may happen that you knew the formula for a problem, but as you haven't tried it earlier -- you failed to solve it by a minor margin. On the same topic, George Polya published "How to Solve It" in 1957. Many of his ideas that worked then, do still continue to work for us. The central ideas of Polya's books were to identify the clues and to learn when & how to use them into solution strategies.
By experience, one may work on her problem solving approach in four essential steps.


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