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6 Modern POS Apps to Supercharge & Modernize Small Retail Businesses

Commerce continues to contribute and drive growth for economies around the globe. As consumers demand more options for satisfying a hunger for a more enjoyable life, businesses are set to continuously profit as long as they can supply the demand. In addition, with the prevalence and greater ease of access to high-end mobile technologies, advanced distribution channels and startups pushing the limits providing new and innovative product ideas daily, there has never been a better time in history for retailers. The fact that total e-commerce sales are set to hit a new global record this year at $1.5 Trillion, is a clear indication that businesses equipped to satisfy customers in this new age of commerce stand to profit big time.

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However, simply having an online store or traditional walk-in shop is no automatic guarantee for massive success as consumers are not only demanding more from a modern shopping experience but also expect to benefit from businesses that deliver their products via systems that guarantee safety, deliver results in real-time making the buying experience a breeze. Achieving this, from the merchant’s perspectives, relies heavily on business processes and software and hardware that are proven to deliver and an understanding of what makes consumers spend. In fact, more businesses are attesting to the evolving retail landscape as more than half in an industry survey indicated that they’re planning to implement mobile point of sale technology with iPads for in-store use.

To point you in the right direction for modernizing your online and offline retail activities, here are 6 powerful point of sale management apps and services to give your business a boost to current times.


Vend is a POS software and hardware provider that focuses on getting businesses up and running in as little time as possible while handling the bulk of the technicalities.

They’re a cloud based provider that allows any retailer, regardless of whichever operating system or hardware they’re running to better manage their entire business in the cloud. Through features such as centralized inventory management, integration of payment gateways, management and creation of interactive loyalty programs, an iPad Point of Sale system and APIs that allow retailers to connect with popular services like Quickbooks and Xero, they provide a complete out of the box solution for retailers in any industry.

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Vend sets their cloud POS system apart by offering a service that doesn’t only focus on accepting payments but also provides an integrated client relationship management tool for managing customer relationships as retailers acquire them through sales and rewarding loyalty programs.

Vend is perfect for both the small and nimble retailer and the multi-chain behemoth.

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Social Media Marketing Practices every blogger should try!

We all know how important Social Media is to blogging. Let alone blogging, Social Media is now said to be even the core of modern corporate world. From a one-person startup to multi-billion dollar companies, everyone knows the importance of how essential social media has become to business growth. Big companies are putting a lot to their social media projects to get more and even more exposure. They are spending big to feast their products to more people. On the other hand, small companies struggle to find their way to the top due to constrained resources. In the case of blogs the circumstances turn out to be different.

Bloggers make their money in all the ways they can. Their money making ideas are unique and durable. They live to create & sell ideas. They relish their life building intellectual products. Bloggers know the internet upside down, except the fact that they don’t have much to do on Social Media. But as a matter of fact, bloggers understand the advantages of Social Media in their profession.

Some may say that blogs are social networks too. But as far as working methodology is concerned, those are not. Blogs are totally unique and to grow those certainly need aid from other blogs and social media. Blogs can effortlessly see growth by the support of other blogs, bloggers and also using various backlinking strategies. But on social media, things get a little more-trickier for bloggers. The main reason to that is the off-page promotion involved. To promote a blog on social media, bloggers need to divert focus from their blogs to Facebook/Twitter etc., for which they don’t have much time.

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Rest in Peace, Gaurav Tiwari!

I pay my tribute to Gaurav Tiwari, the famous paranormal activist, researcher and TV artist. He was found dead at his home in Dwarka, Delhi. I pay my condolences to his family and pray the God to keep them strong in these moments of deep sorrow and pain.

Gaurav-TiwariIf you remember how the name Gaurav Tiwari came out as an issue and people started to contact me for paranormal events related issues. That stroke was very powerful and my mobile phone started haunting me. It was all because of this guy.

I never met him. But as a blogger I had to compete against his name to make place for my own. He was definitely one hell of a guy. As a matter of fact, keyword ranking made me follow his work all the time. I knew almost every change his name (or my name) was making on internet and news. I figured whatever he was doing, was superb and I respected him for that.

I know you’ve gone to a better place, friend. My God rest your soul in peace.

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[Real Life Problems] Why do you need a website for your business?

Not a long while ago, I found a lead on a good client that could use my web-development skills for their business. They were in catering business which was growing rapidly. I learned from a friend that they were planning for an expansion to be an inter-city business. I took it as a chance to earn a new client. I prepared & delivered them a nice presentation. They were just “wowed” and as usual, we agreed on an e-commerce website that would enable them deliver food products to door-steps along with similar mobile apps.

Accountant & Business Host

Image Credit: Bench Accounting via unsplash.com

All was planned to be started in a week and to be ended within 90 days. But the leader of the business somehow figured no-need of a website or mobile app, as his products were already selling this high. For him, websites were quite resource-eaters.

He told me the exact statement, “Who’d waste their precious time on such shit?”

They rather focused on their business to work implicitly on local basis. So, a fortnight after the day of presentation, they told me to drop the work I was doing over their reasons. No-one likes losing clients, neither do I. So, I went back to them and told why even the companies with zero need of any online-exposure, like Pepsi & Coca-cola, are required to have online presence. I suggested them to at least own their domain name and even a simple one-page website. But they didn’t accept the offer.

I had to lose them for an arrogant assertion, that offline businesses do not need websites or online presence.

Well, what is done is done. After a year and a half, their business expansion supposedly failed due to increasing competition in the market. Four or five months ago, when I met the leader of the firm, he told me how he regretted his decision of not having a website or mobile app. He offered me to redo the deal and work on their web & SEO projects. But it was too late.

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Work Global, Live Local: Payoneer offers focused services for Indian Freelancers


In 2010, when I started as a freelancer – I had no idea how far would it go. This uncertainty was actually not due to the risk of client-management but due to one ultimate problem that every freelancer suffers in the start, “How will I get paid?”.

If you are a freelancer or a blogger who is somehow relying on online payments, you must be having almost the same question. Freelance payment is quite different than other online or offline payments. In it your payments may start from a mere 5 dollars and reach to thousands of dollars. So, there is always a requirement of flexibility in the payment gateway or system you are using. In the start I picked my single & double digit dollar payments using Woocommerce and NEFT. But once it jumped to three digits and forth, PayPal replaced Woocommerce. PayPal, however, has tedious rules and costs a lot of your hard-earned money as commission charges. So, I looked out for PayPal alternatives and found a few that seemed promising.

Of all those alternate payment services Payoneer was the one that was most impressive. With more features and lesser transaction charges, Payoneer seems quite suitable for freelance payments. And, now since they have started focusing on Indian market – I figured the need of writing of a short follow-up.

What is Payoneer?


Payoneer is an US based company that was founded in 2005 and has spanned over 200 countries to provide payment services to business & professionals. The service is commercially designed to be compatible with all companies and major marketplaces like Fiverr, Amazon, Google, UpWork, Getty-Images etc.. With it you can send and receive money to and from almost anywhere using credit cards, bank transfers, online wallets or international checks.  All you need is to sign-up, fill your bank account details and wait for your account to be approved. After than you need to complete a short online process every time you pay or receive.

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How to Uninstall iMessage On a Mac

On the whole, iMessage is a pretty useful app and millions of people use it to communicate with one another on Apple devices. However there are quite a number of instant messaging apps out there, and you may prefer using one of the many alternatives instead.

If that is the case you may want to uninstall iMessage so that it no longer takes up space on your Mac’s storage. Normally to uninstall apps you’d move them over to the ‘Trash Bin’ but if you do that with iMessage you’ll receive an error because it is a native OS X app and there are certain safeguards in place.

mac cleaner 9

While it is technically possible to get around those safeguards and uninstall iMessage manually, doing so is notoriously complicated. Fortunately, with Movavi Mac Cleaner you will have a much easier alternative at your disposal.

Inside Movavi Mac Cleaner is an ‘Uninstaller’ feature that you can use to remove any and all apps that you don’t need. To learn how to get rid of iMessage on Mac using this feature, just:

  1. Click on the ‘Uninstaller’ menu.
  2. Let the scan complete then click on ‘OS X Apps’.
  3. Select iMessage by ticking the box beside it.
  4. Click ‘Remove’ to uninstall iMessage.

While you’re using that feature, you may also want to remove any other apps that you no longer use – whether they are native OS X apps or not. In fact, Movavi Mac Cleaner would’ve also located any files that may have been left behind by apps that you’d removed in the past, and you can delete those as well seeing as they’re really just wasting space.

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Romy LMS: The Best Learning Management System for Your Company

Choosing a free learning management system (LMS) can be challenging. What works for one organization isn’t always ideal for another, and the subtle differences between two seemingly similar LMSs can directly affect the success of your e-learning program. The first step in making an informed decision is to compare features and research your options. Here’s a review on a relatively new contender in the world of e-learning: Romy LMS.


Romy LMS Offers a Simpler LMS Solution

While it may be tempting to go with the free learning management system that offers the most features, that’s generally not a wise strategy. Unless your company or academic institution really needs an in-depth LMS for a very specific purpose, a general rule of thumb is that too much clutter is a hindrance to both the course creation and the learning process. Romy LMS impressed us by providing essential features while eliminating unnecessary fluff.

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