Let’s Design a Logo: Essential Guide, Tips and Tricks

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From an individual creative to multi-billion dollar companies: everyone needs an icon or symbol to represent their brand. These icons/symbols represent companies’ work philosophy, commercial attitude, and future vision. Some people call these symbols a trademark & others term those as logo. Every company has a logo: from simple text-based Gtext logo of Google to the sliced apple of Apple Inc. Creativity apart, these logos are extremely simple, distinctive & practical. Their versatile nature makes these unforgettable things.

I am designing logos for my clients & friends since 2013 and in these two years I have learned a lot about the how, what and how-nots of the logo design. This article is a summary of my logo-designing experiences. Which I suppose, would be great help for those who want to give logo making a fresh start.

Before a fresh start.

Think clearly what you are going to do. A logo is more than just drawing some texts and adding an icon. It’s more about the company it represents. For a great brand, you must plan to design a logo that is straightforward, memorable and enduring. By straightforward, I suggest your logo to be understandable by anyone. It shouldn’t look complicated by any angle. Eye-catching graphics are easily memorized and so are simpler ones. So, to spot your impression on your consumer — you must go for a logo that is visually appealing & simple. Now, after you got all on the spot, it must satisfy your company/client (or you, yourself) and other people. Logo feedback may come at the last after you finish designing it but it’s somewhat the most important step of it. It’s very hard to design a logo that will impress both your employees and your customers. So, if your company and you are truly serious to your trademark— I suggest to hire someone who is very good at it. Plus it involves a time-taking process of learning and understanding modern design patterns. Even if you are very good at designing tools — maybe you’ll never be able to figure what suits best to your company without knowing how graphical strategies work.

Which one is a great logo and which one is not?

Whatever it may look like but a logo that interacts with your consumers as a true brand — is perfect. A great logo is not made with some text or an icon or leaves, flowers and decals — a great logo is not always colorful. A great logo is the one which speaks a great story on your behalf.

So, there is no single way of knowing which logo would perfect for your brand. But instead, we can know which one will NOT be okay for the brand.

A logo will not be suitable for your brand if

  •  It’s not unique.
  •  It doesn’t meet the latest design trends.
  • It’s very complex.
  • It’s impractical and unmemorable.
  • It has unsuitable colors and curves.
  • You like it but no one else does.
  • It’s not adaptable to any background you want to use.

An easy 8-step guide to design a logo?

  • Step 1: Download and Install vector designing applications. (Easy)
  • Step 2: Collect fonts & graphic packs. (Easy)
  • Step 3: Learn about Color Theory/Design Patterns. (Hard)
  • Step 4: Learn from others. (Medium)
  • Step 5: Draw something cool. (Hard)
  • Step 6: Try variants. (Easy)
  • Step 7: Render it at the best resolution. (Easy)
  • Step 7: Get feedback. (Medium to Hard)
  • Step 8: Improve (Optional) (Hard)




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Measure your Social Potential with Thoughtbuzz

thoughtbuzz homepage

ThoughtBuzz  is a social monitoring tool for tracking and analyzing social media profiles in a hassle-free way. It allows users to connect their social media profiles and track the engagement stats from a single place. Currently available only as a responsive web-app, Thoughtbuzz is available for both desktop & handheld browsers.

Thoughtbuzz – First Thoughts

Thoughtbuzz was started to offer the individuals and organizations business analytics for their social media campaigns. Started long way back in 2008, it is more than 6 years old and stands as one of the leading social analytics platforms in Asia. Thoughtbuzz has seen both feature and approach upgrades recently and now earns  leading clients like P&G and Myntra.  Born with Indian brains in Singapore, Thoughtbuzz has their offices in India, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

I encountered Thoughtbuzz in January 2015 when looking for a two-in-one alternative to SocialBro and Buffer. SocialBro was limited to only twitter related tracking whilst Buffer tracked only the posts shared via itself. Thoughtbuzz seemed more open and actionable than the both. Here I could track not only twitter but all major social media platforms, plus I could publish my updates to all social networks at once.

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Write better Academic Papers with these dissertation writing tips

source: unsplash.com

writingAs a scholar, you’ll someday be needed to write a thesis or dissertation project once at least in your graduation. A great dissertation involves the finest of scholar’s writing talent. A dissertation or thesis is a lot different than writing notes and this difference is what makes a student a scholar. Thesis writing is the most important part of academic writing and has been always a tough nut to crack. Starting from a single plan, collecting information & data and then merging them together to a document – dissertation is all about doing perfect by time and any mistake can bring the whole project down. Every scholar wants his academic paper to be a perfection: a symbol of excellence so that she gets her degree with a perfection too. But is that this easy to reach this perfection level? Off course, by following some well-appreciated rules one can write an impactful yet beautiful dissertation to support her research. In this article, we are going to discuss how better academic writing can be done by not wasting a lot of “energy, potential, and time”?


Plan better.

The start of a dissertation involves planning. The topic you are going to write about must be well planned and this plan should be well executable. The planning itself involves three essential steps.

  • Choosing a perfect topic
  • Designing a great title
  • Deciding the length of the dissertation.

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Boost Performance of your Low End Computer to a new level

Do you often get bothered by a slow or frozen laptop or PC? It’s a common day problem to computer users who mainly multi-task with their system. New computers do run well but as the time passes and architecture gets old, they start getting into performance troubles like – slow speed, freezing, high boot time and more. The speedy apps that ran buttery smooth in the beginning, now run in rough way. We all like paced interface and a laptop that doesn’t hang itself at all?

In this article, Aman Shahi shares some tips & tricks that can help your old Windows laptop (or Desktop) speed-boost. Using these tips, you can again feel your laptop as a new item. Even though these tips mainly apply to Windows PCs, some of the points are also proven to work well on Linux and Mac operating systems too. The tips are easy to follow and require no coding at all.

#Tip 1: Boost RAM with ReadyBoost for Windows

Now-a-days, most of the laptops come along with at least 4GB of RAM. But if you have an older device, you might have a laptop with a 2GB or lesser RAM. Less system RAM means more limitations on the functionalities and inferior multitasking capabilities. Buying a new RAM is the ultimate solution to this problem but there is something more you can do without spending money on an extra RAM.

If you have a system with a low specification, you can try readyboost feature available for Windows.  ReadyBoost is an inbuilt feature and can boost your laptop/desktop’s performance by a high margin. Just insert a compatible pen drive to your PC and select ReadyBoost option from the properties menu of the drive.

Voila! You are ready to go. Windows will take around 4GB of your pendrive’s storage and will add it to your system RAM. Using ReadyBoost is good to increase RAM and helps decreasing the load time up to 75%.

#Tip 2: Overclock Your CPU/GPU and other components

You may also use overclocking to boost your CPU’s performance. Overclocking is the process to increase the clock rate by passing the limitations manufacture has set on it. Not just CPU, overclocking also applies to GPU and other components of the system too. It increases the clock rate due to which overclocked-components perform more operations/second. It helps the CPU to run fast at higher speed than it was designed to run.

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Protect your WordPress Blog from DDOS and Security Attacks

logo hands

This is guest article from Caroline Black.

No matter what, you own a world class website or a simple blog – hackers and attackers will always be against you, trying to access your backend and modifying it according to their needs. Daily hundreds of top-level and thousands of other websites are attacked by the security-attackers. The reason for these attacks can be either personal gain or just even simple jealousy. These attacks are regular and that is the reason that you should regularly analyze the security parameters of your website. One of the most popular methods is a DDOS attack, but there are other methods hackers will use to try to either gain access to or shut-down your website in order to drive your loyal readers away.

One of the most popular methods of breaking the security of a website is a DDOS attack. DDOS attacks have harmed not just the small websites but almost all top websites of the world. DDOS isn’t the only way but there are also some other methods hackers use to gain access or shut-down your website.

This article is an overview of these attacks explaining how you can prepare yourself to handle any upcoming attacks.

DDOS Security

What is a DDOS attack?


A very popular method among hackers to try and damage a website is to send a DDOS attack. A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack will use multiple users (or bots) in order to try and access the site to such a degree that the server is overloaded and unable to serve users that actually wish to access the website or blog for its intended purpose. In this way the website is effectively shut down for a while. While websites can recover relatively easily from these sorts of disruptions, anyone noticing can see it as a lack of security and a major inconvenience and will just as likely blame you instead of the attacker.

In addition to protecting against such attacks, you will want to make sure your website isn’t compromised and then used in a DDOS attack as part of what is called a “botnet.” For this reason, you will need to update your security as often as possible and make sure your account isn’t compromised either.

How to defend your site from DDOS attacks?

There are ways for you to defend against this sort of problem, however. You will probably want to install security plugins for your website in order to protect it against a lot of these types of attacks. For a decent listing of the best WordPress security listings you might want to check out this website.

Finally, preparation is the key to really managing a DDOS attack. You are going to want to keep your IP address as secure as possible so that hackers cannot target you. You will also want to find out who you might need to call at your ISP in order to manage the problem. You will likely be troubled for a period of time, but know that eventually your attackers will quit and leave you alone.

Brute Force Attacks

What is a brute force attack?


Some attackers will try to use a “brute force” method to try and either shut you down or gain access to your blog.

How to protect your site against Brute Force Attacks?

There are a few things you can do in order to make sure that you don’t easily fall victim. You should first make sure that your username is not “admin” anywhere so that you will avoid the programs that assume that and start there. In addition to this, you are going to want to get a really strong password (you can find a great guide to making a good password here). You should also note that if someone out there is trying many login attempts per second to access your server or website, then the performance can suffer.

To prevent such an attack, you will likely want to get a plugin for your blog or website that will eventually use IP blocking after a certain number of attempts to get in. There are multiple ones out there so you will have to find one that is right for you but all of them will help keep your site running smoothly in addition to making sure that no one gets access to your administrative powers.

Attack through Public Networks and VPN Use


There are other ways that hackers might be able to attack you and get into your blog, some of them using trickery more than force. The best example of this would be a hacker waiting in a café or other place that that uses a public network that is relatively unprotected. What will happen is that they will wait for an unsuspecting user to login into the network and then use WordPress. The hacker will then intercept the username and password of the user and use that information to get in and cause problems.

In order to avoid this particular trap, you will probably want to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) because a VPN will protect your communications and privacy. It will set up a secure connection to an offsite server so that no one can read your communications and you can manage your blog in peace. Different users might have different needs, so you might want to take a look at these reviews and figure out the right one for you.

Thank you for reading, and may you never have to deal with one of the attacks mentioned above and the unfortunate consequences.

Promising a better blogging life

write for us

My finals’ examinations are ending this June 30th. So starting this July I’ll be available more for the internet stuffs apart from regular studies. This is a summary of plans I have made for the nearest future.

Personally, it is a very big moment for me. With no PhDs in the plan, M.Sc. was the highest standard education I could get. After getting done with the exams, there will be lesser time-restrictions – least classes to attend. Professionally, it is also a big moment to my designer’s career. With more available time, I shall be working more on the blog as well as with my clients.

The key ideas which will be implemented to gauravtiwari.org as the follow:

  • GAURAV TIWARI: As an organization, not a person.

The domain name gauravtiwari.org says that the name Gaurav Tiwari is an organization and not a single ‘somebody’. But the inverse has been happening since the time all of it was started. I had a small team of three/four members which couldn’t last long due to issues like Skills & Economics. The highest priority will be given on the team so that we could be able to guarantee at least a post a day (on each blog we own). The other reason for expanding the team is the work-load. We’re running late to several projects (8, to be correct) and all is happening just due to the lack of human power. There is a highly likely chance to form a much better team of five members.

  • A TRADEMARK UI: One interface for the rest of future.

If you’re a regular reader of gauravtiwari.org, you might have had noticed the changes in the design of the blog. I have always loved experimenting with themes and plugins, and recently I’ve been more focused on (my own) theme testing(s). These cause my blog to reform into a new look every time I test a thing. Currently I am testing an interface which will be adopted very soon and will be applied on the blog. With slightest changes in inventory, the new template is supposed to last longer than any other template has lasted, yet.

  • NO MATH: New blog for study notes.

Math is long gone from this blog and soon, all the content related to it will be wiped out from the database. Don’t worry, we’re all set to build a new specialized blog for study notes, which will be online since August 2015.

  • FINITE GENRES: Less topics more content.

You see the Archives? This blog appears extremely diverged into many genres and the articles feel scattered. The aim is to build a blog that talks most about internet related techniques. The aim to provide a condensed navigation to the readers so that they will be less confused browsing the content. With new study notes blog coming, categories like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will be removed from gauravtiwari.org and our main focus will turn to Personal thoughts, Education, WordPress, Designing and Tech.

  • NEW BLOGS: Being busy, online.

A plethora of blogs will be online on or before August 2015 – each focusing on a distinct genre. The following blogs are planned:

  • A blog related to Movie Download
  • A blog related to Viral videos and images
  • A blog related to Wallpapers
  • A blog related to Windows Apps – Including reviews.
  • A blog related to Android Apps – Including reviews.
  • A blog related to Study Notes – IAS, JEE, NET and all.

Also, some old websites like Hindi Cricket will be risen from the dust and will be improved as greatly as possible.

Telangana TS/TG SSC 10th Class 2015 Exam Result

Telangana SSC Board

Next to UP Board, Telangana Board is also releasing their 10th class metric state board results on Sunday May 17, 2015. Telangana State TS/TG board 10th class SSC exams were held in March 2015. The results will be available on the official websites of Telangana board.

Click the following link to get your Telangana TS/TG SSC 10th Class Exam result right now:



About Telangana State Board:


Directorate of Government Examinations, Telangana is popularly known as the SSC Board. This exam unit of Telangana Telangana SSC BoardBoard of Education organizes high school level exams in the state. With more than 1.2 million students registered to their name, Telangana SSC board keeps a notable spot in Indian education. Well known for high-quality education methodology, the board is working independently after Telangana state was divided from Andhra Pradesh state last year.

UP Board High School and Intermediate 2015 Results


Exam session is over and now this is the time for the results. Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad, UPMSP Allahabad (also known as Uttar Pradesh Board of High School and Intermediate Education) will release their UP board results for class 10 and class 12 on 17th May 2015 at or around 12:30 PM. With 29,24,768 registered students who appeared for the Uttar Pradesh Board Exam this year, UP Board, Allahabad is India’s second largest secondary education board next to CBSE.


In earlier years, the results of class X were used to be declared in June while class XII results were released in last week of May. The changing exam pattern and administrative attitude has helped the result timing to be this soon and altogether. This year’s exams were held in February  and March months, which is one of the quickest schedule UP board has ever adopted.

Interested students should keep their eyes on upresults.nic.in. The official website of UPMSP contains the schedule information on homepage but the results will only be checked on upresults.nic.in.

So, keep your roll number ready and hold your nerves. The big moment is coming. :-) Best wishes for your results!

Select your exam to get the result:


Common Questions Surrounding Small Business Phone System


In the 21st century, where the Internet plays a key role in business success, it should be noted that the telephone is as important when it comes to the said matter, especially for start-ups that are looking to make a difference. Putting this factor into consideration, it can be said that a small business phone system is essential for entrepreneurs who want to run a successful corporation, be connected with their clientele and boost office productivity.

lady with phone

On the other hand, it should be noted that there are several questions that you need to answer before you sign up with a business phone system package. Some of which are elaborated below.

Here’s the first one: how do you choose a phone system?

To answer this, you need to assess you company’s short-term and long-term needs to have an idea of the required system size, available budget, and expansion plans. In addition to these factors, it would be best to consider if it is ideal to include extra features like caller ID, voice mail, one-touch dial, call-forwarding, and conferencing, among other extras. After you have carefully identified your company’s needs, then look for a trustworthy service provider that can offer reliable and professional service on a regular basis.

Secondly, how much should a small business phone system really cost?

It should be noted that not all phone companies are created equal; plus, they charge varying rates. Prices usually depend on a wide array factors like phone models, add-ons, telephone cabinets, extra programming, future modifications, etc.

Thirdly, how do you choose a phone vendor?

Though it seems unimportant, it should be noted this aspect is crucial because your vendor is the one who takes care of the installation as well as the programming of phone systems.

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20 premium quality free blogging themes for WordPress


Blogging has entered a new generation and is evolving crazily on the head of modern day bloggers. It has grown to a whole new definition in recent years. Bloggers are no longer just typing texts. They are also playing great with graphics, keywords, gaining reader-base and building Search Engine impression. New design trends and SEO changes have completely changed of what blogging was once known for.

From experienced campaigners to the new-comers: everyone is required to grow professionalism around their content.  This professionalism costs not just big money but more than that: enough time & risk. As a blogger, you are forced by search engines to have a layout which meets latest SEO guidelines and that is free of any code faults. Webpage loading speed is another thing that comes as an important consideration despite of how creative you were in your blog design. As more than a half of the internet users love to browse webpages through mobile & tablets, your blog also needs to be optimized for those devices. Combining all, you need a properly coded theme that is SEO friendly, clean, fast and highly responsive.

Theme frameworks like Genesis, Thesis, and WooThemes etc. are the initial-paid-choices for pro-bloggers. But they are costly and not everybody can easily afford those. On the other hand, WordPress.org theme repository has not a lot but some quality themes that can outmatch any premium theme. In this list, we have collected 20 WordPress blogging themes that are feature packed, (yet) speedy and what more: free. 

All listed themes are:

Clean & lightweight.

High-quality blogs are focused on reading and ad conversion, so they look streamlined with a whiter interface and simple navigation. They are as fast-loading as possible.

SEO ready & made with clean code.

Organic traffic comes in no easy way. Search engine optimization has always be important for huge reader base. Whilst most bloggers rely on Yoast SEO like SEO plugins for their SEO needs, it’s your blog theme’s responsibility to be ready for these plugins.

Adsense/Revenue friendly.

No questions asked your blog’s theme must be conversion ready so that your content be able to yield as much money as possible. There are some layout/design policies that specific ad serving agencies, like Google Adsense, require to be followed. So, your blog theme must be designed according to these policies.

Mobile Friendly / Responsive

You can’t ignore the half of internet who is relying on mobiles. Mobile viewers are increasing day by day and so are changing the design regulations. With Google’s new mobile search algorithm update, no-one wants to be messed up with a fixed width website template. In this line, a highly responsive and mobile-ready theme is becoming a must for all websites.

The list of 20 premium quality free blogging themes

This is a list of 20 of the best & free WordPress themes for pro-bloggers. All are clean, lightweight, SEO ready, Adsense optimized and mobile ready.



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Asus Zenfone 2 Android L smartphone with 4GB RAM lands in India


After surprising Indian smartphone market with their mid-range Zenfone devices last year, tech-giant ASUS is ready again to rock with new competitively priced high-end Zenfones. The second generation Zen smartphones, called Zenfone 2, will now lead ASUS’ branding in India by replacing former flagships ASUS Zenfone 5 & 6.

colors options for ZenFone 2

With a standard laptop like CPU featuring 4GB RAM & 64bit – 2.3Ghz Intel Atom quad-core processor, feature-wise ASUS Zenfone 2 is a powerhouse. It has variety of color and storage options. Zenfone 2 comes in five different colors and three different variants of 16GB/32GB/64GB internal storage with expansion supported to an extra 64GB through MicroSD cards.


Key Features

Device ASUS Zenfone 2 ZE551ML
Display 5.5 inch 1920x1080p full HD IPS display
Processor Intel Atom Z3580 64-bit processor
Storage 16GB/32GB/64GB
External MicroSD support Yes, upto 64GB
Colors Glacier Gray / Osmium Black / Glamor Red / Ceramic White / Sheer Gold
Camera 13MP rear with Real Tone Flash/ 5MP front facing camera
Network Dual SIM – 2G/3G/4G on SIM1 & 2G on SIM2
 Price  ₹ 12,999 for 2GB RAM / ₹ 19,999 for 4GB RAM

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6 Wellknown Exam Stress Relieving Tips for University Students


When you’re in a University, even that annoying pop-up quiz that the professor gave once when you were absent could do well to drop your grade by a few points (thanks to hard luck). Welcome to the world of zero excuses, zero absences, and no second chances. That’s life. That’s the University! Thinking about a student’s situation like this, I can well imagine the amount of stress and pressure before a university-level exam. The last thing you want to do is fail or drop a course and waste a full-fledged six months of study as well as the parent’s hard-earned money.

To ensure these not to happen while your exam is up & going, you must be well-focused & stress-free. Stress chews not just your grades but your physical & mental health too. To avoid such loss during an exam, you should try my tips on how to relieve exam stress:

Prepare, Prepare

The best way to naturally reduce the amount of stress experienced before an exam is simply by preparing for it. The formula is simple: You prepare well for an exam and you know you’re ready for it, and you worry less. You procrastinate, don’t prepare well, and do “last minute preps” you know you’re in trouble and have to experience a lot of stress.

Generally, the students who know they have studied both hard and smart seem to be the most relaxed as compared to their peers. The contrary could be said for students who haven’t prepared well at all.

Also read: Examination Strategies: Tips & Tricks

Discuss it with someone


Your fellow students could also improve your stress levels when they share information they know and ask for your own interpretations of the lesson. A peer and your own mutual feelings of stress could also reduce your anxiety by giving you the “I’m not the only one” feeling.

If you think that talking to a peer might do the opposite, then you can speak to a friend or a family member who doesn’t know anything about the exam. They could relieve your stress by offering encouraging words and telling you not to worry too much.

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