Due to some security irregularities and my carefree nature, gauravtiwari.org was hacked and spammed with negative SEO keywords. The hacking happened due to security loosening at Cloudflare and, continued to disturb the site for more than two weeks.
Luckily, I had noticed it quite early and already started working on the fix. Before fixing, I made sure that the hack remained hidden and didn’t show to the readers. Since, it was the first time I was handling a hacked website – it took more time than expected. I had to read several guides on how & what to do when your site is hacked and all.
I feel really proud to tell you that after two weeks of security checks and database edits, I have completely recovered gauravtiwari.org at my own. The security measures are now tightened at the highest level. Since this hack didn’t operate on the database – no data was transferred to the hackers.

The following guides helped me in this meantime.

  1. How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Site using Wordfence
  2. How to Find a Backdoor in a Hacked WordPress Site and Fix It
  3. My site was hacked
  4. Tips and Tools to Recover a Hacked WordPress Site

No spam keywords will be shown from now. However, if there exists one and you find that growling – please take a moment to report the details to the contact form. Your questions are welcomed.



anniversary-2xJust saw a notification on the admin bar ( which’s solely powered by Jetpack – a child of WordPress.com) that I have reached another milestone with WordPress.com blogging platform. Started on 13th September 2010 – my journey with WordPress.com & Automattic, has completed its fifth year. Wonderful, enriching and brilliant experience it has been with them. ( I shall talk more about my journey with WP.com sooner or later.)

Whilst, I no longer use WordPress.com  – I am STILL very, very much grateful to them. Of everything I know, WordPress.com & their products have been pat of my learning at their own.

Thank you WordPress.com for nurturing my early blogging life. I owe a lot to you.

And thank you for your love Automattic.


Well, there are two kinds of Web Hosting services, Free and the Premium. The free version of hosting has always been popular but has many disadvantages. Our article on “The disadvantages of Free Web Hosting” can give you a brief review of why free web-hosting is commercially ‘bad’. Experts always prefer business and, even personal blog…

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I have been writing & experimenting about major tech tools like smartphones for some time now. Last few years have been really intrusive for the smartphone manufacturers. With increasing mobile phone usage, I see a lot of new problems emerging for families and businesses. Cyberbullying, ePredating, catfishing, scamming, identity theft, patents-theft are just a few…

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airtel 4g splash

In an event today, India’s leading telecom operator Bharti Airtel has announced the launch of their 4G services in 296 towns across India after testing the market in select cities with a promise of more coverage to come. An impressive television commercial was revealed during the event that claims Airtel 4G to be the fastest ever.

As you know, Airtel is India’s largest telecom company and they launched their initial 4G services in the last quarter of 2012 in Kolkata. This launch is advertised to sport the customers across the country the ability to experience high-speed wireless broadband and get on to the digital super highway to enjoy international level HD video streaming, superfast uploading and downloading of movies, music and images. A  new webpage of Airtel 4G is also launched during the event to support users understand the basics & the offering of Airtel 4G services.…

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3d printed objects

From Woodblock printing to digital printing – the printing industry has seen a continued development for centuries. When the first printing press started in the fifteenth century, who knew that we could even print another printing press from one. Continuous printing evolution paved way for 3D printing, one of the finest developments in the printing…

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Public Domain Image of a laptop

Do you often get bothered by a slow or frozen laptop or PC? It’s a common day problem to computer users who mainly multi-task with their system. New computers do run well but as the time passes and architecture gets old, they start getting into performance troubles like – slow speed, freezing, high boot time…

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Blogging Quest

From an individual creative to multi-billion dollar companies: everyone needs an icon or symbol to represent their brand. These icons/symbols represent companies’ work philosophy, commercial attitude, and future vision. Some people call these symbols a trademark & others term those as logo. Every company has a logo: from simple text-based G–text logo of Google to the sliced apple…

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logo hands

This is guest article from Caroline Black. No matter what, you own a world class website or a simple blog – hackers and attackers will always be against you, trying to access your backend and modifying it according to their needs. Daily hundreds of top-level and thousands of other websites are attacked by the security-attackers.…

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