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How to write better comments?

There are more articles about how to write great blog posts than the same on commenting etiquette. Here I have tried to summarize all my blogging and social commenting experiences as a single blog post. In a four years long blogging life, there were several events when my comments were taken positively & produced great discussion environments. I have also faced those nasty moments when my words were criticized and harassment took place. It may happen to any of you, if you don’t really know how to make a good comment.  A reader with a little knowledge is either a learner or a spammer. But a reader with enough understanding of the subject can be both a critic and a customer. In first case, there is almost no concept of conversion of visit into comments. But in the latter, it exists. As an intelligent reader you often opt for leaving a comment. But remain unnoticed just because you don’t know how to write better comments and stand out of crowd.  So leave leaving boring comments and start writing awesome comments with this little guide.

This paragraph is for someone who doesn’t know how helpful is commenting in building engagement with other blogs. It helps you gain traffic, pull attention to you and increasing the number of links to your site!

Here are some ideas on how you can write better comments so that you become commenting star. Following these can help you attract readership to your own blog from high traffic blogs, build backlinks and make friends. I hope you will like them.

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Copyright Free images for your next blog post

This flickr photo album contains some of the most illustrative images, I ever uploaded on internet. The album has copyright free images, which means you can these graphics any way you like. They are growing rapidly and I expect the number of photos to cross 100 this week. Till then here… Read more