Life At IIT Bombay: An Experience Worth Getting!

Life at IIT Bombay: An Experience worth getting!

IIT Bombay, this is one institution that every engineering aspirant wishes to study at. Be its faculty, the legacy that comes with the name, each and every characteristic contributes in making IIT Bombay one of the most sought-out engineering institutes in India. The ambience here is vibrant, energetic and thrilling all in one. There are plethora of co-curricular activities for students to show their talent in technical, cultural, social or sports events. Founded in the year 1958, IIT Bombay is actually the first IIT in India, to be set up with foreign assistance. Over the years, it has grown and earned…

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Try ZeroBounce For Reliable Email Verification & Validation And Get Accurate Results

Try ZeroBounce for reliable email verification & validation and get accurate results

Right now, email validation has become an incredible part of any business, especially when it comes to consumer focused marketing. There are plenty of reasons for that and the major one is to help you assist in winning over a client or customer. Even if you provide free services, you may fall prey to fake consumers and be curbed with low level of conversional accuracy. During such instances, choosing good services from ZeroBounce can sort out your issues in the best ways possible. Through this segment, you get the chance to enjoy the perfect email verification just as you have…

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How To Know When Your Business Needs Better SEO?

How to know when your Business needs better SEO?

Business websites are way too different than the general websites and require different set of SEO practices. It's way more important as well, not just because Business SEO requires enterprise level resources but also due to the impact in profits & reach are huge. Businesses have relatively bigger reach and profit if compared to general sites or blogs. We expect every business website to have their SEO ongoing. But when algorithms change, the pace and direction of such SEOs must change. One must know what their business SEO lacks and when something must be done. We will discuss the 'whats'…

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15 Points Checklist To Improve Your Site’s Readability

15 Points checklist to improve your site’s readability

Everything on your site will be meaningless if people can’t read it! Readability is an important website usability factor that influences consumer behaviour as well as general subscriptions. No matter how good your blog post or sales copy is, it wouldn’t generate engagement if the readability is poor. A study by Nielsen Norman Group found that only 16% of users read word-by-word and email newsletter scanning is even more abrupt. The report concluded that visitors, on-an-average, read only about 10% of the copy they supposedly agreed to. Based on the data statistics of how little users read, it should be…

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5 Average Students Who Aced IIT With Flying Colors

5 Average Students Who Aced IIT with Flying Colors

Every year millions of aspirants apply for the IIT entrance examination, but not many of them are selected. This goal seems almost impossible to students who are at the level of mediocrity. However, over the years, there have emerged stories of inspiration where even mediocre students have marked their worth in IIT through their hard work and sheer dedication. Such students are trailblazers who not only transform their life but also make other average students believe in their potential. If you are also one of the average students who wish to ace JEE but feel demotivated, then worry not. We…

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Students Are More Into Social Media. Is It Good Or Bad?

Students are more into Social Media. Is it good or bad?

Social Media fever is spreading like wild fire and there is no escape from it. Everyone, irrespective of any age is getting hooked to the growing popularity of Social Media and one type of population that is getting more attracted and captivated at the same time is the population of students. Is this good or bad? It is a tough question because there are positive impacts as well as negative impacts pertaining to Social Media usage. As the impact is from both the angles, we need to look into both the aspects and introspect. Positive effect of Social Media among…

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Meet A1689B11 : The Oldest Spiral Galaxy Ever Discovered

Meet A1689B11 : The oldest spiral galaxy ever discovered

In a collaborative attempt, astrophysicists from different institutions have found success in discovery of A1689B11 - a spiral galaxy that's said to be the oldest discovered. The research reports an integral-field spectroscopic (IFS) observation of this gravitationally lensed spiral galaxy. It is the most ancient one till date and is calculated to be 11 billion years old, which means it existed after just 2.6 billion years after the big bang happened. Big bang happened around 13.7 billion years ago, which means this galaxy is in existence since the universe was one-fifth of its current age. Having redshift value $z=2.54$ A1689B11 belongs to a…

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Amazing Push Notification tools you can not miss

Push Notification is the newest yet high converting marketing tool that can help bloggers and digital merchants deliver relevant, targeted content to their users. It enables personalized support to the users who have downloaded the app or opted to the push notification service. Using such notifications, users are easily converted into customers making sure that they receive regular product updates. Push notifications are highly popular among the mobile platform vendors. Push Notification has become a key strategy to keep app users engaged past the install. They allow you to speak directly to your customers at the right time at the…

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