I am GAURAV TIWARI, a freelance blogger, web designer and a part time coder. I have an experience of over four years with WordPress, PHP and CSS. I have worked with more than 35 clients and companies all over the world. I empower websites and blogs with my experience and modern web technologies. Besides of WordPress experience, I own graduate degrees in mathematics and physics. That is why I write about these topics too. I am a multi-niche author focused on various blogging areas like WordPress, Education, Windows, Physics and even Mathematics.

Do you know?  I am the first math blogger from India.


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Mathematical Sciences

This place is an awesome destination for all students who love Mathematics, Physics and other mathematical sciences. I have a great collection of articles on each of these topics.


Study Notes

A growing library of e-books and study notes, for those who are waiting to get inspired. My study notes are well written and free to use. This means, you neither need to waste your brain nor your money.


Blogging Stuffs

With a work experience of about 4 years, I write here about the blogging stuffs. I mainly deal with WordPress Themes, Plugins and new updates. On the other hand you may find some posts about Joomla, Web Development and Blogger too.


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Effective PHP Scripts to use for your WordPress blog

WordPress plugins are easy to use and work effective. They do what they are meant to. If you know, they are primarily built on PHP, a coding environment on which WordPress is based upon. You can get WP plugins for any modifications you want to do on your site. But there are still a few tweaks which can’t be done effectively by using plugins. Or, if they can be done — plugins will definitely take more load than usual. There are some PHP scripts which run into your WordPress’ site’s front-end and provide wanted results without installing any external plugins. This also strengthens your site’s security and keep bloats away.

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WP Rocket gives a performance dose to WordPress blogs

As a professional WordPress blogger, you start afresh. As the time and experience increase, feature demand is increased too. This costs adding new scripts to your site and makes your site heavy… and heavier. After a certain time you realize that you have made your site a garbage bin by unordered input of scripts and plugins. If you are at a fast loading CDN service or host, number of script files won’t bother you. But if you are using a comparatively slow web-host (like GoDaddy!) you surely need a great caching plugin.

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UFaber Gives Wings to IIT Aspirants Dreams – Free Webinar on IIT JEE Inception Program

It is a dream harbored by many young minds across the country and for good reason. Yes, that’s right, we are talking about the coveted IITs here. With each passing year, the competition gets even tougher. While some, with their shrewd tactical approach to studies, proper guidance and hard work crack the entrance exam, the unlucky ones are left wondering where exactly did they go wrong.

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The most useful blog on the internet. Unique type of content and great readability. You explain theories so clear that even some books fail to it. Great work Gaurav! You are an amazing writer.

Anup Teja

Student, Delhi University, New Delhi

I think you might be one of the best bloggers in India today. Udit Agarwal

Organiser, TEDx India


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