I’m a 22 years old Web developer & Freelance writer from Kushinagar (India) currently based in Gorakhpur. I love everything that has to do with Web design & development, Graphic design, WordPress, PHP, CSS and Industrial design. I feel a true devotion for both mathematics and typography.

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With a more than four years of experience, my team has mastered the core techniques of WordPress. Rely on us and get your WordPress website/blog ready in minutes.


We can install, test and setup your WordPress blog, shop or website in just two hours.


We can customize your WordPress sites using jquery, CSS and PHP techniques. Just order and get your beautiful web design ready.


Want to get your Blogger blog customized according to your need? Want to redesign the whole template? I’ll do that for you. You just focus on blogging .

Web Development

Not using WordPress/Blogger but building a new website from scratch. Or editing an existing one? We can help you develop it and stand out from the crowd.

Speed Up

Is your Website loading slow? Let us handle this issue and get you a better, faster website/blog in just 24 hours.

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Any integer greater than 1 is called a prime number if and only if its positive factors are 1 and the number p itself.

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Perseids : Long Story Short

What are perseids? Perseids are the regular and most predictable meteor shower which appear regularly every year. They are associated with Swift Tuttle comet and appear to rise from the radiant in the constellation Perseus. Swift Tuttle comet, formerly known as 109P,... read more

A Possible Proof of Collatz Conjecture

Plenty of proof attempts were made by various mathematicians. But none of those could flawlessly prove the statement. Mr. Chellappa’s attempt is elementarily based upon the famous Sieve of Eratosthenes. Despite of his experience & confidence, I can not guarantee if this work is perfect. I invite readers to cross check the flawlessness and tell what they think.

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